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Turnback Sleeve

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I was wondering if anyone had heard of a turnback sleeve on something like a wool polo shirt:

A 5 inch long sleeve band at the wrist that is meant to turn back by half..?

If so, can I get some history on this and perhaps some opinion..?
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i Have heard of it. Army used to have wool vneck sweater that the sleeve was extra long to turn back never new the purpose of it.
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Is it a good look? I cannot picture it...
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Yeah - the Australian Army still issued them when I was in say, seven years ago. It looked good for an army sweater - and you could fold them down to keep your hands warm. Don't think I've seen them elsewhere. It certainly finished the sweater sleeve nicely.
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you don´t by chance thought of this one? i took a pic of the collar as well, but it went pretty crappy so perhaps next time when in possession of a better cam. actually i am wearing such a sweater right now, thats why i took the pics. its a forrest green cashemere polo sweater with turn-back sleeves.
it adds to the more sporty look of the collar and completes it well.

as to the historic context, perhaps others know more.
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I usually think of turnbacks as the short sleeve with a strap and button... but I did have an old knit long sleeve polo about 20 years ago with sleeves like the sweater above.
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Those pictures are very helpful... I like that look!
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John Smedley still do this on their 30-gauge sweaters. The seam runs along the outside of the long-ish cuffs, disappearing when you fold them back.

I tend not to turn my cuffs back, though, since I have extra-gangly alien arms and the exposed seam isn't very noticeable.
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