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I just got a new suit - what do you think?

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Corneliani Suit I just won this auction on this suit. I'm hoping I made a good purchase. I've been looking for a more conservative/all-purpose suit. The other two suits I have now are a Dries Van Notten, brown with subtle stripes in various colors, and a navy blue linen Borrelli. I felt like I needed a more conservative suit for rare work occassions (I'm self-employed and rarely need a suit for work - but it's helpful to dress up sometimes) or funerals and whatnot. The Corneliani has a few anachronistic details - the peaked lapels, obviously, which I really like. The other strange detail is that the pants - flat front - have buttons for braces but no belt loops. They do have "adjustable" fasteners at the sides, if you take my meaning. Here's a pic: So what do you think? Any opinions? I'll post pictures again with the suit on when I get it tailored. Rob
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I think that suit is - for lack of a better term - badass. Fabric looks great, and while the details are not what I'd call conservative, they're not too out there, or overly trendily executed. Likely more conservative than your Dries van Noten number. With the side tabs and suspender buttons, you shouldn't need belt loops. I've been snooping around ebay myself, for a NWT canvassed suit with up-to-date features, that's great.
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Corneliani has been using those extension tabs on a lot of their stuff. It's a nice touch that you rarely see on RTW suits. I have a Trend Corneliani suit that has the tabs, they are elasticized so you have a bit of give when they are in the tightened position. Nice suit.
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Nice suit.  I had my eye on it, but it was a bit more than I wanted to spend, given the number of suits I already have. I think the pattern, peak lapels, and ticket pocket make the suit more fashion forward than conservative.  I wouldn't wear it to court (either as a lawyer or as a defendant), for example.  I do think that it is perfectly appropriate for a business meeting, however.
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Like the suit, Definitely the type of suit that I would like to buy. Not for an I-banker or a conservative law firm, but who cares? If you were, you could get all your suits custom or at least at Bergdorfs. Wouldn't make them any less boring though.
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Nice-looking suit. I agree with the others that it's not the most conservative, but man, was that a great price.
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That is one nice suit. Jon.
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I concur with all of the above, a great find. I especially like the details you don't usually see with Corneliani, ticket pocket, tabs, etc. Take some pics with it on after you get it altered. I'd be interested to see how it fits.
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I was thinking of bidding on that, but didn't think it would fly with my future employer (a fairly conservative judge). Very awesome suit -- i love the fabric, and all the details (high two button, peak lapel, flat front pants) mesh together well. I know the guy has a return policy too, which is awesome. Take pics when you get it. If you don't end up keeping it for some reason, post it here first. I'd at least be interested.
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Well done, Baron. Great looking suit.
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That is a great looking suit. Good find, and great price.
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I was thinking of bidding on that, but didn't think it would fly with my future employer (a fairly conservative judge).  
I thought your judge was one of them librul judicial activists President Bush was warning us about.   Seriously, she seems young and hip enough to tolerate a bit of peacocking.  Now, if you were clerking for Judge Winter or Judge Jacobs, I would recommend that you not deviate from the "Republican Congressman" look.
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Err, well, she is a W. nominee -- though certainly a free-wheeler that can go a bit liberal at times -- but my sense is that she's pretty conservative with issues of dress. I don't think she'd say anything if I wore that, but I'm sure if would at least raise her internal eyebrows. Great suit though.
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Err, well, she is a W. nominee
My mistake.  You told me earlier, but I had assumed, given your political leanings, that she was a Clinton appointee.  I do recall her being anointed one of the "hotties of the federal judiciary" by a legal blog, so you know that she appreciates people looking good.  Or maybe that gets back to the whole stylish vs. well-dressed debate?  Anyways, I think that suit could work for a law clerk if it was the boldest part of your ensemble (white shirt, black shoes, tie with subtle pattern).
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