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Grenson v. Edward Green

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I'm wearing my Grensons today, and when putting them on this morning, it occurred to me to compare them with my Edward Green shoes. Basically, I was wondering how much better Greens really are, and if it is worth it to pay $500+ for some Greens from English.Shoes (Ebay seller), or whether it is instead better to get 3 pair for that same amount from Bennies next month (hopefully). My take? The Greens have slightly better leather -- they seem less prone to creasing and have a marginally better finishing. But the Grensons have very sturdy yet supple leather and hold a polish well (unlike some shoes, which seem to crack). The Greens are constructed slightly better, with a better heal stiffener and what appears to be slightly stronger stitching holding the welt to the sole. The Greens leather lining is slightly better than the Grensons. Surprisingly, though, I found that the arch support in my Grensons was as good or slightly better than that in the Greens. In addition, I found no superficial differences in the elegance of the last design -- both execute "faux beveling" very well. Both have a very narrow waist that not only supports the foot well (at least my foot), but is elegant as well. Indeed, I could find no difference in the elegance of the waist. So, my overall assessment is that Grenson is not THAT far behind Green. I think at retail I'd probably pay the extra $100 or so for Greens, but the shoe you get from Bennies is almost the equal of Green, and certainly as good as anything you'd get from the CJ Handgrade line.
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I agree. Having now ordered shoes in three different sizes - 8D, 8E, 7.5E - I'm still trying to figure out what my ideal size is. I still don't know what to order for the next batch.
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Of the EG's (5 or 6) I have, I've found that they polish much better than the Grenson's (3 pairs), easily making a mirror-like shine. The EG's are also more comfortable IMO. However, if it comes to $450 for EG's on EBay versus $150 for Grenson's at Bennies, I'm probably inclined to go for the Grenson's.
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What is that post about, Chris.? Tell us when they are coming... Oh, and by the way, Grensons are truly awful -- I take back everything I said. However, if you drop the price to $99. . . Do we know what the price is going to be for the next batch?
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I'd sooner pay $450 for Green than $150 for Grenson.
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As I sit and laugh, I still am pondering the thoughts I want to type...I feel as though I would let myself down if I voted to say EG's were not better by far than Grensons, but then I reallly wonder if I would be honest if I reversed that opinion. I wish I did know something more, but Grenson has yet to tell anyone exactly when they are going to ship, what we are going to pay, it is one of thoe typical English things, no rush, but calm, and when it happens, it happens. We will hopefully know something next week, as the general sales manager prepares for the WSA show in Vegas in 3 week. Can you believe the shoe show in Vegas is friggin Super Bowl Sunday, that really bites, doesn't it.
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I'd sooner pay $450 for Green than $150 for Grenson.
Well there are many here that will appreciate that when the new batch eventually arrives. It will leave at least one pair more for someone else. I only wish I had an additional $300 bucks laying around to piss away. Hey, got an idea, I split the difference with you, just mail me a check for $150.
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Chris, That's not to say I wouldn't happily pay $150 for Grenson masterpieces. I will send you a cheque for $150 plus postage if you get in some black Stowes in my size................
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I am sure, I hope there are som Stowes in this batch, hell I might get a pair if there are any in my size.
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A significant advantage of Green, if you're paying full price, is that they will make you essentially whatever you want. Will
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There are worse things than being in Vegas for Superbowl Sunday...
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