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My Father's Closet

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I searched and couldn't find an entry in the archives for this fascinating article about inheriting bespoke: Well worth a read.
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Beautiful article. Par for the course for the New Yorker.
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nice - thanks.
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Good read
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Well written but sad. The father let his wardrobe define his conduct and activities - the clothes wore him, not the other way round. He couldn't play ball with his son because he didn't have the wardrobe?
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I read Seabrook's books, Nobrow: The Culture of Marketing and the Marketing of Culture a number of years ago and he uses some of the material in that book in this article. It was one of the passages that stuck with me. I got the impression the only way he could truly know his father was through material things. I was struck by how sad and unfulfilling this dynamic was. Obviously a wealthy and successful man he always aspired to be something more and let material things give him the confidence to achieve, instead of looking inward for strength. The clothes were obviously beauitful and I would love to spend a day in Seabrook Senior's closet, but like Stylestudent said, he let them become a costume. Aaron
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