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Customs question

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I received an order of two Charles Tyrwhitt shirts yesterday.  The shirts were fine, although the package had been ripped open, perhaps by customs for inspection.  I am concerned that customs duties may become an issue with a larger order.  Has anyone had any customs issues with an order from Charles Tyrwhitt (or any overseas merchant for that matter)?
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I've ordered items from Tyrwhitt before (always under $80) and have never been charged customs taxes. Jantzen shirts from Hong Kong are shipped as "gifts" (as opposed to "merchandise") with a declared value of $8 per shirt. No customs taxes for these either. Sometime ago, I e-mailed Prowse & Hargood of London who also confirmed that there are no customs charges. However, I remember reading somewhere that someone who bought Charvet shirts from France had to pay 21% in import taxes. I am wondering if this is specific to France.
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It seems that it's simply a case of some companies accurately filling out the customs forms with actual figures where others fabricate costs to save on duties. The Bureau of Customs has extremely detailed/specific guidelines on duties for practically anything. These duties/quotas vary by country. Where one company pays the correct duties according to Customs guidelines another may pay less(or even none) for the same thing simply because of the way the forms were filled.
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Also, there is no predictable result - I've recieved packages that were marked with the proper value at no charge from customs, while I've also recieved packages that were marked as a gift and customs still charged me...
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I ordered $2,400 worth of clothes from Tyrwhitt once. Their web site went haywire and everything on the site was 70% off for 2 hours last July -- the first day of their summer sale. It was assessed no duties, although CT sent the stuff DHL for me, and apparently did not pay the bill. Things got worked out though. Also, CT shoes suck.
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I ordered $2,400 worth of clothes from Tyrwhitt once.  
I was wondering: was it all for yourself? What did you get?
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It was a sickening display of consumerism. Fortunately, I bought for a friend as well. When everything arrived (well, the first batch at least) we opened it all and my whole apartment was strewn with shirts, ties, shoes, socks, and links. Christmas in July. ********* It is possible that the 50% off on CT's web site through the link posted here last week was also an error. When I called to make a change to my order, the rep was confused as to how I could get such a discount.
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