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Moss Trade Rumor

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Trade rumor: Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss to the Raiders for cornerback Phillip Buchanon and the Raiders' first-round draft pick (No. 7 overall). This actually makes alot of sense for both teams, as the Raiders get a #1 receiver to go along with Porter, who seems like more of a #2 guy anyways, and Moss would fit in great in Oakland. Secondly, the Vikings could use the #1 pick to either take a top defender, like Antrell Rolle (to replace Buchanon) Travis Johnson, Derrick Johnson, or Erasmus James, if they feel that Burleson, Robinson, and Kelly Campbell are enough at wide receiver, or they could take a Braylon Edwards or perhaps even Mike Williams with the 7th overall pick.
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Is Randy "mooning" the Lambeau crowd and leaving with two seconds left in the Redskins game what's breaking the camel's back? Surely having him in the game makes things easier for Daunte Culpepper, Marcus Robinson, Nate Burleson and the running game. Phillip Buchanon is a talented player with a nose for the ball and a knack for making big plays, but he also gives up big plays too often.
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I think they are just sick of him putting himself before the team and when he gets shut down the Vikings lose.
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Moss is officially on the trading block now.  In my opinion, the best fit by far is the Jets, who need a big-time playmaker to get to the next level and who have a QB who happened to play with Moss in college.
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Both the Jets and the Raiders would need a QB to get the ball to him IMO... Maybe to Green Bay after Favre retires and they get Drew Brees?
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I think the jets wouldn't be a great fit for Moss, the last thing they need is another Keyshawn, and Moss is Keyshawn who takes plays off when he wants to, instead of working hard and just complaining that he doesn't get the ball enough. I agree that they need a diff QB to take advantage of him. The raiders would be a good fit, and I think Collins would actually be a great fit with Moss, he has the arm strength to get the ball down the field, look at how successful Jeff George was with Moss...
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Moss has repeatedly said that Chad Pennington is the best quarterback he has ever played with.  How much more of an endorsement do you need? While Pennington has only adequate arm strength, arm strength really only comes into play when throwing 15-yard out patterns to the sidelines, when you really need to put mustard on the ball to prevent the cornerback from jumping the route and returning the pass for six the other way.  Pennington can certainly chuck the ball 50 yards down the field and throw the ball with accuracy over the middle of the field.
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Pennington didn't have adequate arm strength this year, however, much of that could have been the rotator cuff. Generally, I think both of his backups, Ricky Ray, and Brooks Bollinger have a stronger arm than he does, and he would probably be ranked last in terms of arm strength when compared to the QBs of the other 31 teams in the NFL, the only one that would be even close IMO would be Tim Rattay. He just doesn't have the ability to make all the throws, and that limitation is an issue IMO.
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So, the Moss deal is apparently done. To Oakland. I'm listening to Minneapolis radio and can't believe how split the public opinion is toward this trade. Lots of callers are saying this ranks with the infamous Herschel Walker deal in which the Vikings mortgaged their future for a guy who ended up being a bust in purple. Others are saying good riddance. Just as big a story is the "sale" of the Vikings to Reggie Fowler, an Arizona businessman who seems to have had a little difficulty in preparing his own resume. As originally released to public and media, he's said to have played in the Little League World Series, the NFL, the CFL and the USFL. Apparently, only the USFL part is true. Fowler said he had not seen the resume before it was released. So, is fudging one's resume a big deal? Or does it get to be a bigger deal as the stakes are raised, ala Fowler, George O'Leary, et al?
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I sure would like to get some action in the Minnesota GM's fantasy football league.
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I think getting Harris rather than Buchanon was a bit weird... maybe the raiders don't want to let Buchanon go even though he apparently is going to hold out if he isn't traded... Harris certainly is a good prospect but they're going to have to shift one of their LB from MLB to outside linebacker because of the trade (or go to the 3-4)
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The Chiefs had better draft, like...twenty cornerbacks. koji
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