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Years and years ago when Haspel seemed to make a nice summer suit, they had a nice-looking pincord in a darker blue. Too bad those days are gone.
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Would a rich ecru be out of the question? Something with a texture to it.
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For their sheer versatility, I'd vote for taupe (which could range in value from putty to mushroom), olive or sage green, or a light gray (ranging from pearl to pewter). The choice would certainly depend upon one's complexion, eye and hair color, as well as one's established palette of shirts, ties, pocket squares, etc. (all of which should, ideally, be suitable to one's coloring). In the dead of winter, it's certainly pleasant to think about one's summer wardrobe, isn't it?
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In the dead of winter, it's certainly pleasant to think about one's summer wardrobe, isn't it?
Since it's been in the 80s all week here in LA, I'd say it's pragmatic as well.
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How about a white linen suit, I heard the miami vice look is coming back
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you really have to look at your personal coloring. for example,i like the way tan suits look on other people, but the color clashes somewhat with my skin tone. if your going with wool, light grey could be nice. you could also wear it on any warm day. it was 80 degrees here a couple of days ago.
Isn't it great? Perfect weather down here too, and it's still January. I've already been to the beach twice.
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Yeah, I heard we might have a bit of rain next week but I think it could be OK also. A bit cooler here by the ocean, 70 or so.
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Brian and Drizz, F**k you both. I am freezing my ass out here in a fashion hinterland (Louis, Stel's and a few other stores notwithstanding.) I wish I was back in LA.
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Summer suits with a casual feel or a formal one? Actually myself is not lean and tall but window pane still works fine for me. I chose a summer suit that is medium gray suit with subtle pastel blue window pane. This subtle design would not create much of a problem toward your figure. If going for a casual look, I will definitely try linen or cotton light tan colored suits. Of coz one has to bear with the wrinkles...
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