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docs are classic. i have an old pair that are super comfy, made in England. are the ones being sold now still made in england?
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^^ they just started remaking them in England again, in addition to China, with a $40 price difference
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I don't like them at all!!
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Oxblood: Cherry Red: These are Solovair, not DMs. The color is close, and any difference could well be attributed to lighting differences. Or maybe it's just my notebook's LCD. The last cherry red MIC DMs I saw had a brighter red color than above.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
^^^It's sort of a false purism that makes kids feel you need to be "all" or "none". Granted this is probably more prevalent in skin/mod circles since those scenes are so fastidious about sticking to the 'right look' without coloring outside the lines, which is why diehard mods and other similar losers are so tiresome when they stick to the accepted look and can't ever see past it.

which reminds me, on sat's soul nite one of my friends arrived with a buddy from his scooter club, a fella probably in early 30s, wearing a parka with a huge Who backpatch, target patch on arm, etc...and I couldnt help stare at him thinking he was such a fuckin tool for looking like a Quadrophenia walking cliche of "mod", and at his age too. It's something you expect from a 16 year old who just got into it, but not a guy his age.

Point well taken. There is nothing worse than some "paint by the numbers" scene kid (or adult) in any subculture.
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Anywhere were I can get MIE black in the states at the moment? I want a pair bad before next weekend's road trip!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Nico Samuel Pleninsek View Post
Anywhere were I can get MIE black in the states at the moment? I want a pair bad before next weekend's road trip!!!!!!!!!!

You might try If they have them in stock, you will have them within two days.
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Ordered, but $9 sales tax........damn! I should have sent them to relatives in Ohio (as I'm going there in two weeks), but I already clicked by the time my mind came up with this scheme. sigh.
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Absolutely "yay."

My 1940s (black, 14 eye, steel toe, fine haircell) have been with me since the heyday of flannel and grunge. They've been stomped on in mosh pits, tropmed through muddy-ass paintball fields, repeatedly soaked with salt water and then dried 'till crispy, showered with sparks and sprinkled with droplets of molten metal, been bathed in oil and gas and grease and hydraulic fluid, hiked countless miles up mountain peaks, been stepped on by more horses than I can count ( their steel toes saving me bruises, or broken bones), survived car crashes and, recently, my first-ever motorcycle wreck (they are the only footgear I would ever ride in). You name the abuse, they've taken it. Now, I'm not gonna lie; they do look like like absolute shit. They're covered in gouges, scrapes, and even cracks from the times I neglected to care for (and oil) them properly. But after all that, they're still the most comfortable shoes I own, and I have no doubt that they'll give me another decade or two of service before giving up the ghost- more, if I get them re-soled. Best damn seventy-five bucks I ever spent.

Docs are the shit. If you don't own a pair, you're doing yourself (and your feet) a disservice.
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What color would these be. I hope its not that bright red girl ones i see with black polish on it I just purchased these for real cheap on ebay just to have a feel of docs before getting a brand new pair for myself (in navy im thinking) And by bright red i mean these clown shoes
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^^ hard to tell in that photo. Looks like they hi-contrasted it in photoshop so I'm betting it's the regular cherry red, just oversaturated by software. They def dont look patent leather like the ones you're afraid of
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i wear my oxblood 10 hole boots and steel toe 14 hole all the time. have had them for 12+ years. just bought the monochrome black shoes. at @$120, can't go wrong.
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Just received the MIE black ones, really happy with this purchase. Shoe shine tommorow.
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Are these the red ones you would recommend?
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not to hijack, but are there any Doc boots that don't have the yellow stitching? (yeah, I know it's a big part of the look / appeal)

- I want to get some and wear them to work at times without everybody and his grandma knowing what I'm rocking
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