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anyone know where I can get a 3-hole pair in navy blue? i can only seem to find the blue in high top...
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Ive noticed on some of them they have a black lining on the top and some dont, which are the ones to get? Are the Cherry and Oxblood DMs the same? Because when I look up Cherry they sometimes look darker and sometimes they look brighter. Its the darker ones I am more after eg. these are both labeled as cherry red Is there a certain way of making them look darker or something because even new ones seem to have different colors in pictures Also I notice some of the DM's say "signature smooth leather" whats the other kind that they use?
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No, cherry is not the same as oxblood.
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What do oxbloods look like then? And which would stores most likely have in stock, Cherry or Oxblood, And how often would you come buy a store that actually sells the MIE ones? ^Thats the sort of stuff that confuses me (The pic is the color I want)
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I'm pretty sure oxblood is when you use black polish over the red shoe, perhaps I am mistaken.

My question is, when is the DrmartenUSA online store going to be in stock with the MIE 8 eyelet black boots? I've been waiting for a month now.
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Would Get Smart mind clearing up the Oxblood/Cherry Red color. Which ones do you own? Would you recommends Cherry and what is the best way to turn them dark? Also what sort of polish do you use on yours? I hear people tend to use black polish on theirs
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I used to rock a pair of Oxblood Grinders back in the day. It's a good alternative if you are looking for something a bit different.
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Originally Posted by kookydooky View Post
Would Get Smart mind clearing up the Oxblood/Cherry Red color.

Which ones do you own? Would you recommends Cherry and what is the best way to turn them dark? Also what sort of polish do you use on yours? I hear people tend to use black polish on theirs

Dr Marten makes "Cherry Red", which was called oxblood by guys wearing them, but not officially by DM. And yea, the thing to do back in the day was to polish the cherry reds with black and it would darken and give it that antique patina. I only ever polished my Cherry Reds with black

Interestingly, the color of the current MIC "cherry red" is more similar to the really old school Docs from pre-80s than the current MIE ones. The color of the MIE cherry red is like what I used to wear in the 80s, and it's a less saturated looking color than the MIC Cherry Red, and imo doesnt look as good, color-wise. I've never actually seen a pair of really old Docs from 60s so the 'cherry red' color difference is based on what I've heard from guys around at that time, as well as what I can tell from some old photos. I remember us all wanting the "real" cherry red color Docs rather than the usual ones that were available in 1986. Oxblood was more of a colloquial term for the color, at least IME.

and boots like Grinders, Gripfast, Ranger etc started making boots in the burgundy ruboff which they actually called "oxblood", but it's a different color from DM 'cherry red'
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Originally Posted by kookydooky View Post
Do you think anyone can really pull off doc martens?

what dr martens are these?

anyone know of a similar black lace up boot with a black sole?

i like the "worn" look and i am having a hard time finding that ideal boot.
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I have a pair of steel toes from the late 80s or VERY early 90s that my dad brought back from England for me and they are a Burgundy ruboff that I would say is closer to an oxblood than any cherry reds I've ever owned. I got these ones because I hate the soles on grinders but i really liked the color better.

I tend to polish them (as with all my cherry reds) with alternating black and cordovan burgundy polishes. After almost 20 years they look pretty damn good although they really are beat and gouged to hell and back. I'll try and take a pic of them next to my current MIEs to show the difference.
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Any ideas on how to wear these in a way that isn't overtly skin or punk? I have the aforementioned steel-toed Grinders from aprox. 10 years ago, and I would like to start wearing them again. Could I dress them up in a trad skin/mod 3 button suit? Probably not, but what about regular slim jeans?
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Grinders will ALWAYS look skin/punk, i dont think there's any way to escape that association
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Ok, so this brings me to another question which has been rolling around my head for years.

Since you seem like a bit of a veteran in this field, I'm sure you have an opinion. Is there any right way to blur the lines of subculture, or to wear many different subcultural, or non-subcultural, styles of clothing without being a sell out?

What had always bothered me about the skin/punk subculture was that it was either all or nothing. Either you're a punk and only listen to punk, go to punk shows, do punk things, or you are simply not a punk. For this reason, I felt a bit boxed in and decided it wasn't for me. Not that I ever completely shut myself off from the punk/hardcore/ska lifestyles, I just broadened my horizon. As I get older, I'm beginning to see that maybe things weren't as black and white as I had thought, and I am interested in getting back into the scene. Both in manner of dress, as well as going to shows. So, I guess as someone who seems to have backed out of the scene to do your own thing, how can one actually pull this off.
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^^^It's sort of a false purism that makes kids feel you need to be "all" or "none". Granted this is probably more prevalent in skin/mod circles since those scenes are so fastidious about sticking to the 'right look' without coloring outside the lines, which is why diehard mods and other similar losers are so tiresome when they stick to the accepted look and can't ever see past it.

which reminds me, on sat's soul nite one of my friends arrived with a buddy from his scooter club, a fella probably in early 30s, wearing a parka with a huge Who backpatch, target patch on arm, etc...and I couldnt help stare at him thinking he was such a fuckin tool for looking like a Quadrophenia walking cliche of "mod", and at his age too. It's something you expect from a 16 year old who just got into it, but not a guy his age.
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