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Watch out for Bluefly

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I just bought these C&J-made Polo Chelsea boots for $179 on sale at the local Polo store. http://www.bluefly.com/pages....duct+ID Granted, they retail for a lot more than what I paid -- but less than the $462 Bluefly is trying to sell them for, and certainly way less than the $770 Bluefly claims as retail value. This kind of mispricing appears to me to be rampant on the site (although this is an especially egregious example). I suspect many people get taken as a result. Good value is out there on Bluefly, but you need to know what you're doing in order to find it. Montecristo
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$432 for a pair of Polo leather moccasins?  Retail $720?  You have got to have sh*t for brains to believe that.  Sorry.  Pardon me.  Excuse me.  Er-hem.
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Yeah, I've got a pair of EG velvet slippers that retails for that kind of money at RL (which I picked up on Ebay from Grapevinehill), but I could buy those $700 mocs for $40 at LL Bean.
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Careful when you buy there unless you know the merchandise, or the line. Agreed. Though I feel that I have done well on Bluefly, it is because I saw the actual items in the store prior to seeing them on Bluefly. Also, returns on Bluefly are painless. Examples of good deals I have gotten include RLPL cashmere sweaters, Prada shoes, RL Boots, all at 50%+ off regular retail and all items I have seen in stores at retail prices. Bluefly has done well by me many times, I have to say.
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I honestly think Bluefly made an unintentional mistake here -- they had previously sold those black Chelseas for about $250ish and had the retail correct. I think somebody may have mixed them up with the Edward Green shoes, perhaps. I've never seen serious mispricing issues on Bluefly, and I can't knock a discounter who gives me a pair of Edward Greens for $342 (after shipping) and then sends me a $5 refund because the right hand corner of the shoe box had a small ding on it.
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Bluefly is generally pretty good. However... the pricing, especially on some accessories, is the *highest* retail price, rather than the median or mean. That said, their return policy is really good, so if you decide that that $250 mocassins are too much, you could always return them. Yoox pricing, on the other hand, is definitely based on European, and specifically, Italian, prices. Check out their selection of Paper Denims - they start at *over* retail prices in the States. Remember this next time you go jeans shopping. Just because Energie's cost $150 here doesn't mean that they don't suck. American companies are definitely the trend leaders in jeans these days. Check out how much Sevens and Paper denims, not to mention harder to find brands (in Europe) like True Religion cost in Europe and Japan, and you'll get the drift. Selfridges has a section devoted nearly exclusively to L.A. based brands. Of course, there are exceptions like 45RPM in Japan (Nudie in Europe makes a great product, but is not a trend leader). Complete hijack there, huh?
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