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Nope, sorry GT. NCT <-- Grad Student.  Grad students are poor, thus, we rely on the internet for our favorite news. One of my classmates served in the IDF and another is a practicing Muslim who follows the Mideast relatively closely, so I learn by osmosis.  I would call around to the specialty bookstores and check out subscription information.  I know my Jewish buddy in NYC had a print edition at least once or twice in the past year.
thanks, yeah, I get it on line too. they also will ship them to you a week at a time, but that is pretty expensive and there is a limit to how much time I can spend reading newspapers.
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Since i'm now getting into this thing i would really know wich magazines you usually i read GQ and Max (another italian fashion magazine) what about You?
I read Wired, National Review, Weekly Standard, Western Standard and a fantastic online magazine called Enter Stage Right...oh, you meant fashion magazines? None of them. They all suck. Well, we'll see about the official second issue of Vitals...
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Fashion-wise, I don't really read any anymore. I'll flip through GQ and Details at the newsstand out of habit more then anything else, Arena Homme from time to time, and I've yet to receive a single issue of Vitals. Otherwise, magazines I read: The New Yorker Esquire The Economist The New Republic Atlantic Monthly Foreign Affairs The Nation National Review/Weekly Standard (usually one or the other per week) Time/Newsweek (whenever there's a notable article) New York
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Arena Homme Plus Vogue L'Uomo 10 WWD The New Yorker Zoo Colette Paris Harpers Moda Espana Collezioni Uomo V VMan ArtForum Art in America
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Since this is evidently not just limited to clothing magazines, I am quite disappointed that nobody has mentioned Gun World . Of magazines of "vertical" interest (as we say in the business) to this forum, I like the Menswear quarterly. Quite liked the first issue of Vitals but thought that the second was a disappointment. Don't think much of GQ (kind of like a cross between Maxim and Vanity Fair), and clothes seem very peripheral to other men's magazines like Esquire these days.
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Next Magazine MingPao Weekly Sudden Weekly Express Weekly Don't Touch PC Weekly PC Express National Porngraphic (It really existed some 20 years ago.) Shenzhen Philanderers' Digest Caijing Magazine Asia Asset Management (I write for this magazine, hehe...) Global Water Intelligence (I write for this, too) Asian Investor (Our Archrival, hehe....) Investment & Pensions Europe (Our partner) Dragon, Tiger, Leopard I think you must find the names on this list weird. But this is my list.
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Only current subscriptions: Vitals GQ, especially Alan Richman's articles Food & Wine Food Arts Other reads: New Yorker Economist Atlantic Monthly Men's Health Now that I get most of my sartorial information from the internet, I'm not as into GQ, but it will still have the occasional design, food, or current affairs article that's interesting. For a buck an issue, it's hard to go wrong. Those of you who read international magazines or international versions of American mags, do you get them from the newsstand or is there a convienent way to subscribe. I'd be particularly interested in British and Italian types. Tom
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"dragon, tiger, leopard".. I last saw that magazine when I was 14 years old. Of course, I'll pick up an issue of Guns & Ammo whenever I'm in the States visiting my brother. I got him some MOP grips for his 9 last Christmas. No, seriously.
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,,, And non clothing related: The New Yorker
Ditto on The New Yorker. Magazines don't seem to have a good perspective on style. I walk the stores in my area and find styles, either by myself or with some assistance. Also, this site is a great resource, much better than any magazine.
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My subscriptions: GQ Esquire Vitals Men's Health Maxim Stuff Car and Driver Washingtonian Playboy And FYI, to those that don't know. You can get subscriptions CHEAP on ebay. I got two years of GW for $12, three years of Stuff for .99, three years of Car and Driver for $12, etc. Takes a couple months to kick in, but it's legit and a great deal.
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Chocoball, Don't get your brother Guns & Ammo, get him Gun World. You have my personal guarantee he'll like it better. Of course, I am the editor of the latter publication.
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New Yorker Atlantic Monthly Autoweek Grassroots Motorsports New York Times
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I read DNR - weekly publication by Fairchild. It is like reading Billboard magazine instead of Rolling Stone if a person is in the music industry.
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And FYI, to those that don't know. You can get subscriptions CHEAP on ebay. I got two years of GW for $12, three years of Stuff for .99, three years of Car and Driver for $12, etc. Takes a couple months to kick in, but it's legit and a great deal.
How in the world does this work? Are these employees putting people into the comp listings? Some guy was selling Maxim, Stuff, and FHM, four years each, for about $6.
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Subscriptions: - GQ (But not renewing the subscription as it has become a waste of time) - Cigar Aficionado - The New Yorker - The Economist Newstand purchases: - Atlantic Monthly - Vanity Fair Work-sponsored reading: - Various women's fashion and lifestyle titles (Vogue, Jane, Cosmo...) - Adweek, Mediaweek, Ad Age, etc.
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