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I'd like to find a blazer, sportcoat, hacking jacket, et cetera with the following features:

- Heavy, winter-weight tweed,
- Size 38R to 40R
- Grey
- High-ish, notched lapels
- Functional lapel button, or the potential to have one added
- Double vent
- Ticket pocket
- Waist suppression (I'm a slim guy, so I look like crap in sack suits)
- A little rake to the pockets would be a major bonus!

I know it's a longshot, and that my best bet is to have a coat made for me, but unfortunately tuition/grad school leaves little in the budget for such luxuries. I've found a couple coats online that fit most of my criteria, but if it's possible, I'd prefer to buy such an article from a fellow SF member.

Thank you.