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1. Ferragamo driving mocs for about $125 from the Ferragamo outlet 2. A pair of reddish-brown monk straps at same store for $240. 3. A summer tan glen plaid Canali suit at Sak's Off 5th for $460 -- a bit high compared to Ebay prices, but a nice price for a good suit that you can try on in the store and see how it fits. I'm still kicking myself for missing the Ferragamo outlet sale over Xmas -- Buy 3 pairs and get all of them for $150. I could have picked up that other pair of black monk straps I wanted.
Trying-on gets a large and justifiable premium in my eyes every time.
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1 pair of Belvest flat front trousers in a light weight charcoal herringbone wool -- $212 (50% off) 1 pair of Belvest flat front trousers in a mid-weight dark grey flannel with very subtle dark blue chalkstripes -- $180 (60% off) 1 lightweight broadcloth cotton button-up casual shirt in indigo by Age -- $85 (50% off) 1 Ralph Lauren Collection Philip shirt in a lavender and dark blue narrow pinstripe -- $59 (55% off) 1 pair PDC 2-year LTD -- $90 (50% off) Brooks Brothers half-zip merino sweater in green -- $24 (75% off). RLPL Navy Blue cotton mock neck cardigan zip up (love this piece.) -- $50 on Ebay (80% off).
Johnny, where did you find the PDC's?
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1. Two Borrelli shirts, one blue with white stripes, the other a red/silver check (both at Borrelli store in Rome, about 120 euros each, 30% off) 2. Two Zegna shirts - one white with peach and black stripes, the other a blue herringbone (Zegna store in Rome, 80 euros each, 40% off) 3. Zegna blue half-zip sweater (90 euros, 40% off) 4. Barba orange cotton/linen shirt (80 euros, 33% off at some store in Naples) 5. Barba orange tie with blue dots (50 euros, 40% off at same store as 4) 6. Borrelli purple stripe tie which I'm not crazy about (about 50 euros, bought it at same store as 4 and 5 to qualify for VAT refund, might put it on eBay) 7. Dunhill money clip ($60 at Saks, original price $95) 8. Costume National medium grey suit ($360 on Yoox sale) - still waiting for this one to show up 9. Barba white waffle weave shirt ($70 on Yoox sale) 10. Barba white shirt with patterned embroidery that I don't like ($65 on Yoox sale, might send it back or put it on eBay) I'm still hoping to score a few bargains at the NM Last Call sale.
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Short on cash from Xmas... 1) Blue H&K broadcloth shirt--Ebay             $27 2) Boss Baldessarini cream herringbone shirt $59 3) Boss Baldessarini red/rust twill shirt        $59 4) Paul Stuart/Grenson Shell Cordovan Loaf. $135 5) Malo Burgundy Cashmere V-neck            $65 (mismarked at Filene's) 6) Malo Gray-cable crewneck wool sweater  $80 7) Cool Solid Wood Shoe Trees--Ebay          $20 (I might be able to get more if people are interested)
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-Gianluca Isaia all cashmere Olive plaid sportcoat (~$900, don't remember original price) -Luciano Barbera plaid sportshirt, lightweight flannel ($135 @50% off) -Kiton button down plaid sportshirt ($250 @50% off) -Luciano Barbera golden tan wool whipcord pants ($250 @50% off) -Colombo Wool/ Angora/ Cashmere 3/4 length topcoat in greyish-brown ($900 @50% off) Not sure whether the Isaia or Colombo piece is my favorite...
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Not sure whether the Isaia or Colombo piece is my favorite...
Well, jpe, at least you got to what I suspect is the Bergdorf sale judging from the labels (or maybe Louis?). You bought the same kind of Italian muted country clothes I like. I didn't get to NYC after Christmas and bought one pair of Oxxford gray flannels from Bergdorf by mail order, reduced from a ridiculous price by barely a third. I'm envious but you seemed to have bought nice goods.
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Lots of stuff, including Dries Van Noten dress pants, moleskin pants from Neil Barrett, misc. cotton/cord pants from P.A.R.O.S.H & Masons, cotton herringbone coat from  Duffer of St. George, cotton cord. coat from Engineered Garments, sport shirts from G.I., Dries Van Noten, Malo & Unis, a couple of Wrangler 47 denim shirts, a number of misc. casual knit shirts and pullovers, a pair of Ludwig Reiter trainers, a pair of Paraboot black chukkas w/ norwegian stitching, an antiqued mahogany brown double prong leather belt from Louis, and a pair of E. Green Exeter's en route from England. All at 40-50% off, almost all of which I was able to try on before purchasing.
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Lots of stuff
Need an assistant?  Will work for Greens both literally and figuratively.
-Colombo Wool/ Angora/ Cashmere 3/4 length topcoat in greyish-brown ($900 @50% off)
As sick as this might sound, $1800 for a blended cashmere Colombo coat seems cheap compared to the prices I've seen at Bergdorf. And, in the spirit of this thread, Jpe--you dress like farmer... (It's a compliment if you decide to read the archives).
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Actually most of the stuff is from Wilkes Bashford in San favorite place. The sportcoat was Saks after xmas sale. Thanks for the compliment (I think).
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The PDCs were at the Louis Boston sale. They sold out of them VERY quickly.
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A pair of Prada mainline cotton t-shirts, one white, one midnight blue - £9 each ($18), marked down from £28 ($55)... The RRP seemed very cheap though, maybe they're underwear shirts or were already reduced? Pair of Dior Homme ankle zip boots, £120 ($230-ish) marked down from £320 ($630-ish). They are pinching a little though, hope they just need breaking in - how tight should/can new boots be? Not worn boots before, aware they're supposed to be a little bit uncomfortable until you get used to them.
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1.) Red bengal stripe slim cut RLPL shirt ($149) @ RL 2.) Light blue button down oxford RLPL shirt ($80) @ RL 3.) Windsor cut black and blue pinstripe RLPL shirt ($95) @ Sak's 4.) Lucky brand 10D's ($42) @ Lucky's 5.) Dunhill motories cashmere and wool heavy navy sweater with light blue stiching ($125) @ Sak's 6.) Dunhill cashmere charcol gray turtleneck slim cut ($90) @ Sak's
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I found a pair of Santoni's i've been after for a long, long time
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Just received: Edward Green Beaulieu (their austerity brogue) in Chestnut antique on the 888. I ordered them with trees and the ones that arrived are unvarnished (birch?) and are more hollowed out than the other varnished trees I have. These turned out to be quite a deal as I escaped the triple wrath of customs, duty and taxes. Dunhill 'Club' wallet. Seven for all mankind bootcut jeans. Johnstons navy blue cashmere v-neck sweater. Johnstons burgundy cashmere scarf.
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6.) Dunhill cashmere charcol gray turtleneck slim cut ($90) @ Sak's
What was the original price?
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