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The BL seems to be European cut (French/Italian, not British). Deep gorge, very slim cut, narrow lapels, narrow shoulders. I will also guess that it's unvented, but the article doesn't say. (RLPL is canvassed, english cut, with broader sloped shoulders, narrow waist, flared skirt, double vented). The guy's head is huge because he has a big, wide head, and the narrow cut shoulders accentuate it. He model should wear broader shoulders to bring his head back into scale. BL is not in the stores yet. I think it's to attrack customer who normally wear italian/french cut suits. The narrowness of the lapels seems exaggerated, so I worry about these suits looking out-of-date in a few year's time. Ralph has the new "Rugby" line/store concept to attract young people. -boston
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Who made Cary Grant's suit in North by Northwest, by the way?
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Who made Cary Grant's suit in North by Northwest, by the way?
Somebody researched this, and concluded that it was a Los Angeles-based tailor named "Quintino," long since out of business.
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I called my local Ralph Lauren store and was informed that Black Label suits would be arriving no sooner than Feb. 15 and no later than the 23rd.
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I advise people with big heads to avoid this type of cut, or to see if they can't get something with wider shoulders. That's just too much waist surpression for me. It's trying too hard.
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I really like the look of those suits. Definitely the highlight of the magazine for me. I would totally go for them if they went on sale, since the other designers who make similarly priced slim suits never seem to.
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