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Canali Fit

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Can anyone explain to me what type of fit/cut Canali suits typically have? Is it true that they have a "roomier" fit without much of a tapered jacket?
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yeah, kind of boxy is the best way to describe them.
A structured shoulder and chest (hence boxy). Any jacket can get "shape" in the waist, but not in the shoulders and chest persay.
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Thanks so much. This explains a lot.

Would you say that a Canali in the same size as say, a Zegna, could feel too loose in the chest even though the Zegna feels fine? I mean, the Canali almost feels as if the buttons are too far apart; I want to wrap the jacket tighter around me, but I know I have the right size! Does that make any sense?
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Yes it does.
Look at the drop on the jacket.
Canali looks good on some bodies.
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Perhaps you don't have the right size. A drop down in size might--pardon the pun--suit you better.
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Canali does make some trimmer cuts. The boxier fit that everyone talks about is their 13000 body (at least that's what it's called in the North American market). If you look really hard you may be able to find their 14000 and 15000 bodies, which are trimmer, have higher armholes and more waist suppression, and a slimmer pant. They're pretty similar fits, but have slightly different shoulder treatments.

The 13000 is by far the prevalent fit available in North America, and they make several other cuts beyond the 14000 and 15000 that I have never seen. I can't remember how to figure it out from the inside tag, but I can have a look at work today and get back to you.
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I own several Canali jackets and suits, and several Zegnas. As Robasaurus has pointed out, not every cut is the same... but I can say that my Canalis tend to fit me a bit larger than my mainline Zegna stuff. My Zegnas feature trimmer fits and higher armholes. I'm not sure if there's more waist suppression in technical terms based on the drop, but the shoulders seem to start trimmer and the whole jacket follows suit. (Ha, two "suit" puns in one thread.) As others have noted, the shoulders are built up more for a more square looking overall shape, while the Zegnas have softer and more sloping shoulders.

I think if you want a more Zegna-like fit, you should consider sizing down. You said you are sure you have the "right" size, but remember, the "right" size is going to vary depending on cut, manufacturer, etc. You don't have one holy grail size that is always appropriate.

Your other option may be to have the waist taken in, but you'll have to live in general with the shape of the shoulder.
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Thanks, everyone. :]
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Alright, I had a look at a Canali tag at work. Under "Modello", you'll find a five-digit number. The first two digits identify the cut of the jacket. So you'll want to look for 14--- or 15--- when you're searching for a new Canali suit, and those will be the trimmer-fitting garments you're after. Your best bet will be to try and find both so you can decide which shoulder treatment you like.

If you have any questions about this stuff, I'd be happy to find out some answers for you. I can always call our Canali rep if I don't know it off the top of my head.
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I can concur in that I have one Canali sportcoat, which I would say has a boxy fit and the model number on the tag is 13220/00.

The fact that it's a 54R and I'm a 52R doesn't help the fit either
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Just to bump this one, I'm wondering if the model number is directly related to the drop. i.e all Model 11XXX/XX suits I've seen have been drop 6. all Model 13XXX/XX suits I've seen have been drop 7. all Model 14XXX/XX suits I've seen have been drop 8. To all those who suggest that the 13000/00 is 'boxy'...you should try on an 11000/00 I have two 13XXX/XX drop 7 canali suits and I'd never describe it as a boxy cut... but I guess it depends on your chest/shoulder/waist/stomach proportions as to how you fill the suit out.
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