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These are the motherfuckers that stole photos off my site and are using the to sell their jeans.. My photos are STILL up on this site.. they refuse to take em down. Edit: looks like they took all my images down with the exception of a really old image i shot before we had a webstore..
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they turned out pretty good in my limited experience, they fit well enough and being a fat fuck like me only makes it difficult to grab a pair of something like APC or Nudies.

I have been wearing them off and on for a while, whenever its appropiate for me. The rear right pocket is fading in nicely. I have soaked them about three times and washed them once (really bad mustard spill).

Right now, they are so soft and comfy, I will probably pick up a 2nd pair (and extend thelength by 1 inch) to wear with lower cut shoes (I wear mine primarily with a pair of high cut timberland boots)
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Originally Posted by That Awful Looking Website
Classic Denim Cargos, always in style,
aaahahahahahahahah this site doesn't just ship your jeans from another country it exists in some kind of horrible alternate universe
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