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Inexpensive Italian cut suits

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I'm looking for Italian cut suits in the mold of a Canali that aren't as expensive, maybe in the 400-600 price point.

I know many people say you can find Canali suits for this price, but I've been unable to do so.
I'm thinking there must be brands that follow this cut, or a similar Italian cut.

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Try ebay and B&S section here. You can get a brand new Canali quite easily for around 400-600. Just keep browsing them if there isn't what you want right now. Unless you need the suit soon then you will have to wait for other members to give you some suggestions.
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I've asked similar questions so I'll follow up with some things I would recommend clarifying to help the experts here steer you right: 1. How much time/interest do you have in frequently checking eBay, the "outlet" style websites or timing your purchase to coincide with reoccurring sales? Obviously much of what comes on sale when going discount one way or another will not be your size or desired fabric etc. - as opposed to buying from a retail source who often carry a full range of sizes and fabrics. 2. Do you feel like you can navigate the dangerous ebay waters in terms of spotting frauds, checking seller references (by back searching on here for example) and not getting sucked into bidding wars. 3. Are you a difficult size or have odd features that would make purchasing over the internet more difficult. (e.g. exceptionally tall or short thin etc) 4. Is it important that you have a full wardrobe of suits and would you like to source something in your price range that is repeatable with some frequency. If you're looking for a special occasion suit it's less of an issue. 5. How much are you willing to stray from your original vision (of an italian suit - obviously canali is brilliant I just don't think it's easy to find for 500) in pursuit of "quality" or craftsmanship? That said here are a couple of ideas: The ebay store "rralphystore" has polo "made in italy" suits in the 500 range. I haven't bought from them but I've read good reviews. They also have a money back return policy. Joseph bank has signature gold suits that are very conservative in the 400-500 range on sale that are half canvassed. has 2 button half canvassed suits that are quite trendy (I have a very slimly cut 2 button suit from them) best,
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What size do you need? Have you looked at the Cornelianis on Sierra Trading Post?
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We carry a beautiful Made in Italy Fully canvassed 120's wool suit for under $300. I have over a dozen new fall swatches the quality is exceptional for the price . Let us know if your interested. I can shoot you some fabric samples. We also have BCBG's line not the cheap "attitude" stuff, but there better goods starting at $399. Not listed its out of the price point of my shoppers but let me know if youre intersted. Free shipping on orders over $150. Money back if you are not satisfied for any reason.
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What is it about Canali specifically that you like? If you can point out the features that you like, I'm sure someone can make some other brand suggestions for you.

Re: buying a nice Italian suit at a good price:

If you sign up for 's "dealflyer" mailing list, you will eventually (in a matter of weeks ) be sent a 20% off ecoupon that you can use toward a suit. I think buying a Corneliani from them at around $700 would represent a very low risk (they have an incredible return policy) compared to trolling the B&S forum or scrounging ebay for something you can't return if there is a problem.
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Lardini on Yoox. Some are $198 + free shipping.
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