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Pierre Cardin

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Cardin Interview... EDIT - woops, posted too quickly... This interview with Msr. Cardin (now 82) is interesting. The guy laments lack of creativity today - compared to mid century. He also decries the rise of labels, but defends his licensing practices and the $$ they have made for him. He even says something to the effect that Dior and Saint-Laurent condescended to him, but he's the only one left. The, ahem, gall. I know nothing of Cardin's early years, just the 70s-80s licensed junk. "It's a Pierre Cardin." - Frank Costanza
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Interesting article, thanks. Although, I have to admit, I have never bought a Cardin, item nor to be honest have I seen to many of them on sale. I mostly know his name, because as you can tell with my 1300+ I kind of like clothing... Jon.
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I have a vintage set of poker cards that someone slapped the Cardin lable on. Plastic cards, like KEM if you're into that kind of thing. They're great cards, nice case. No clothes though, I'm not old enough to have anything other than a memory of Cardin as '80s crap... Tom
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I have a coat = not very good pair of cufflinks = plated gold
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Pierre Cardin is known for his 1960's haute couture, and by being the first to introduce Pret-a-porter, ready to wear, clothing which resulted in his explusion from the Federation Francaise de la Couture. He was then reinstated, and given the directorship of a newly created Pret-a-Porter academy. He still maintains a couture line today. However his men's lines, etc. are sub-par.
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