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You guys crack me up... I'm 6'2", weigh between 235 and 240, and have lost 15 lbs since the infamous NY Times pic. And I need to replace the size 38 PDCs and Sevens LAG helped me score cause they're too big. Quit whining like babies; IMO no one w/a waist size less than 36 (average American male waist size) is entitled to complain about their weight...
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From reading this forum I have conceived the idea that all of you are tall, slender, and well-proportioned. Your weight rarely varies by more than a couple of pounds and you can spend considerable sums on fine clothing, knowing that the garments will fit you well for decades. Then there's me. When I get to 195 I diet and shoot for 185, hoping that I may drift around 190 for a while. I haven't been able to exercise for a year (back) and now touch 200. After the surgery in 2 weeks I'll lose weight - initially by eating percocet instead of food and then by getting back to the gym. And so it goes. Despite the best of intentions I go up and down. How do I reconcile this reality with my wish assemble a decent wardrobe?
Look at the photo thread and then say that.
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