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Originally Posted by T4phage View Post
Do you huff? Jenk's high is quite different, more... like shrooms. And best of all in the States it is legal.
Man, shit was so cash...

"fuck the pcp, mix that poop and pee!"
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Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... SF is jam packed with the mentally retarded lately. What gives?

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Originally Posted by dl20 View Post
Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... SF is jam packed with the mentally retarded lately. What gives?


your face!
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Curry and milk and warmth FTW!
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Originally Posted by mano View Post
I have to laugh reading posts by people who keep arguing with a guy who is stoned. Then they're surprised when his responses don't make sense.

Do you honestly believe that smoking marijuana is such a strong buzz that someone couldn't type a sensible response? What after-school special is that from? Maybe it has to do with him being a moron in general, and not the fact that he smokes pot?
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I smoke pot pretty often though I'm probably not you're average pothead. I don't use any other illegal drug, and I also don't drink alcohol. I like pot over other substances, because it doesn't really "fuck me up", rather just sort of makes everything better. I get high, but I don't do things I wouldn't normally do, or things I know I'll regret later, whereas when I'm drunk I feel as if I'm not myself. Same goes for other drugs as well. I also only use a Volcano Vaporizer, which studies have shown cause no health problems. (One actually showed it reduced chances of lung cancer.) The two biggest problems I have with being a smoker are that pot is illegal, and that it's expensive. That's it. At least I don't have to pay sales tax though.
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Used to smoke, back in high school. Occasionaly, not frequently. Now I don't do it anymore. Lost interest, I guess.
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I tried it in college but I didn't inhale

Nor have I had sex with any woman that I've mentioned I'm also eligible to run for POTUS. How could I be worse than our current choices.
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You only get arrested or ticketed for marijuana where I go to school if you are an asshole to the officer or have a whole lot of it. I smoke occasionally when I'm really sore from a workout or when my fiance wants to (very seldom this happens). I used to be a biological science major and had several botany classes and grow a plant or two every once in a while (sounds like a pot head thing to do but I live way off a private drive and would never have to worry about a cop coming into my house). I probably smoke 3 or 4 times a month. I drink 4 or 5 times a week and I don't think one is any worse than the other. Both are better than cigarettes IMO...I have honestly never smoked one cigarette in my life. My soccer teammates in high school ALL did coke before every game. I went to boarding school and we had a player's only "meeting" in the locker room before every game for it. Weed is nothing compared to cocaine.
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Wait, what was the question?
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Personally, I love weed, I smoke about once every 2 weeks. It relives alot of stress and makes things alot more fun. About 3 days ago I had a ton of work, and I was very stressed, I smoked weed, ended up doing all my work happily and then went to sleep stress free, the only problem I have with it, is the fact the next day when I bike, I feel out of wind fast.
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there are two types of weed smokers
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Northern California
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never have or will, however I have been around friends who were smoking and taken many videos.
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As a Canadian (translation: relative expert), I can say there's nothing wrong with the plant, or smoking it. There's everything wrong with defining your life by it, and allowing it to run your life. Now, you're probably thinking, "this is just another asshole who thinks weed is comparable to coke or meth, groups it in the same category, thinks it's addictive." I know it's not. But the potheads I know (daily smokers), by and large, while successful, allow it to take up too much of their time and money, and allow it to get in the way. It's like a cigarette smoker, except it takes two hours to buy the shit, because he has to smoke it with his dealer, and also has to cut it up, roll it, etc. And it costs a lot (the folks I know who smoke it heavily spend several hundred per week). So it does get in the way if you don't control it. I also notice that smokers are suspicious of everyone around them. Not just because of the effects of the dope, but because they have to always be worried about cops, or getting screwed by their dealers. So they don't like anyone, from their landlords, to randoms taking photos of them while they surf (true story, my buddy started mouthing off a tourist in Oregon this summer as we were walking along the beach, just because he took a photo of us without asking - and needless to say, we had no weed on us, given that we were in our wetsuits). Having said that, it can fit with the rest of your life, if you treat it like folks treat good wine or scotch - save it for weekends or appropriate occasions. I know a couple who are part owners of a tour company. They are irregular smokers but have their own stash (so they smoke enough). They have a view of the Rockies from their patio, a three-hole golf course in their yard, and a membership at a nationally-recognized (pro tour-quality) club. They're not failures. They also get really mad at me when I piss out of their hot tub. Lastly, there's a big difference between a regular smoker, and a once-a-year smoker. For the former, it's like having a beer - tastes good, maybe helps them feel a bit better. For the latter, they're higher than a kite, and a big liability. I know an accountant who's been high non-stop (smokes four or more times a day) for the last decade. He does good work.
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