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There are also a good number of people who self-medicate anxiety disorders with weed and function much better "high" than they would sober; especially people with social phobia. Most lack the knowledge that prescription meds work better than weed and carry with them less consequences (side effects and legal issues).

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Originally Posted by antirabbit View Post

The toxicity of marijuana has been underestimated for a long time, since recent findings revealed Δ9-THC-induced cell death with shrinkage of neurons and DNA fragmentation in the hippocampus.

The mere fact that you typed a delta on SF means you win

FWIW I've never smoked, but entirely plan on being a 40 year old desparate, alienated alcoholic. Heck I'm already there and have 15 years to perfect it!
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All the negatives you say for weed may well be true. But alcohol's negatives are at least as bad.
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Originally Posted by redcaimen View Post
If by this you mean to say that alcohol is a far worse scourge to our society I would have to agree with you. More health problems, more dead people, more innocent people hurt.


You can argue up and down about weed all day, but liquor is worse, although I prefer it. Any rational society not corrupted by certain pharma and LE interests cannot possibly justify banning weed but allowing liquor and tobacco.
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Originally Posted by JoelMichael37 View Post
Do you know what happens if you never drink, never smoke, eat all-organic free-range asparagus, exercise regularly, floss every day, and pet a kitten three times a week for blood pressure?

You die healthy.

Yes, smoking weed can be bad for you. Generally, most things that make you feel really good are bad for you. But if you've never tried it, don't bother pretending to be an expert on its "catastrophic affects"--it gets really annoying, and only makes you look like an ass. If you have smoked, or still do, that doesn't make it wonderful and great for everybody all the time. Yes, it's a drug. Yes, it does some damage. Yes, it can be astronomically fun, and No, it's not worth anyone getting upset about so long as you're not actively engaging in criminal activity to get it.

Do it, or don't. Leave people to their vices, and worry about the ten thousand things you could fix in your own lives. Hypocricy is annoying.


weed v. alcohol is almost as bad as evolution v. creationism anyhow.
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A more interesting topic is:
Moderate consumption of weed vs. alcohol.
Alcohol is converted into an aldehyde, which in excess is very bad.
In moderation is not so bad and certain additives of alcohol (alcohol soluable benificial extracts from plants or the original fermentation product) are actually good for you.
Weed, in moderation would most likely not offer a health benifit, but rather a psychological benifit. It would also not be "bad" in the sense that your bodies ability to repair the lungs would not fall behind the consumption.
I feel in the moderation the negatives of each are negated and the positives are quite different from each other.
Alcohol is obviously a depressant
Weed is considered psychotropic.
both become different animals in the moderation .

I have heavily abused both.
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down with dope up with hope.
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My college roomate used to sling dope through our dorm room (we used to get some sketchy-ass people knocking on our dorm room at weird hours of the night). Mary Jane paid for his undergraduate degree in PoliSci and ironically, subsequently funded his law degree at Loyola.

Not sure if this reflects positively on my friend's hardwork and dedication despite toking daily, or rather reflects negatively on the relative ease of becoming an attorney.
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Good enough for the Dude is good enough for me.
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Originally Posted by lance konami View Post
Bunch of squares on this site.

Marijuana is the greatest plant in the world. I love the shit. The complete calm and mental and physical relaxation I get from it is far superior to anything else (except maybe sex.) Not to mention it makes music sound absolutely incredible on my kick ass Sennheiser headphones. But I rarely smoke it. Maybe 4 or 5 times a year.

By the way, Snoop Dogg has been smoking weed every day since he was 9, and he turned out ok, right?

Originally Posted by lance konami View Post
Christ almighty, is all humor above your head? Citing Snoop Dogg as a guy who "turned out ok" even after smoking weed every day since he was 9 was a joke, it was intended for the comedy, aka the lulz. I did it for the lulz, ok?

Get it? Maybe you should smoke a joint and relax a bit. Maybe put on doggystyle or something.

(P.S. You spelled endeavors wrong.)

Originally Posted by lance konami View Post
Actually, the biggest disadvantage of weed is it's side effects. Do you have any idea what THC does in your brain? Check this out. The THC acts as a transmitter for Satan and Satan's helpers. See what happens is, when you smoke marijuana, it's like opening up a portal to the devil. Only the portal is in your brain. That means that Satan himself has direct access to your brain and your SOUL. Would you want the devil to have direct access to your frikken soul? The side effects are equally devastating. You might find your mouth getting dry. Scary huh? Wait, there's more. You might even get really hungry and even crave junk food. Yeah. Really. I'm not kidding. That's the work of the devil. God forbid you're with a woman while smoking it. You might even get the urge to fornicate! Fornication is a sinful act and the devil makes you do it!

Next thing you know you're listening to Snoop Dogg!

Dude, you win, hands down.
Fuck weed haters !
p.s. I don't smoke or drink
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Originally Posted by NorCal View Post
Dude, you win, hands down.
Fuck weed haters !
p.s. I don't smoke or drink

Do you huff? Jenk's high is quite different, more... like shrooms. And best of all in the States it is legal.
Man, shit was so cash...
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not really....not since i came back from university. took a few hits off a joint last weekend didn't really feel much. the weed here pales in comparison to stuff i smoked back in the U.S.
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What was this thread about?? My short term memory is shot...
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I have to laugh reading posts by people who keep arguing with a guy who is stoned. Then they're surprised when his responses don't make sense.
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