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Buying from barney's???

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Anyone ever phone in Barney's and made a purchase? After spending many months looking at past collections from Dior homme, I finally gave up and decided to make the spulrge and purchase a few items. The downside, however, is that Dior homme is not available anywhere aside from the usual NYC, Paris, Milan, London, etc. Here in Honolulu, the dior boutique only carry womens goods and the only edgy items our neiman marcus carry is dolce & gabbana and diesel, which is quite sad. Anyway, i just want to know what is the process when i order from stockist like barney's. Is it just as simple as calling them, giving my credit card number, and having them ship the product? Would they even remotely consider doing such a thing?
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Sure. First though, I'd go to the barneys website and see if they list the item or if there's a 1-800 number for placing telephone orders. Otherwise, just call 'em and say you want to place a telephone order for a Barney's product. It's a big store -- I'm sure they can accommodate you.
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I don't think anyone would refuse your money, especially on top-dollar items like Dior Homme. I've phoned in orders quite a few time, though not from Barney's, and the process was easily executed. It's best to know exactly what you're looking for; from size, color, season, and serial number if you can get it.
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I can't imagine it'd be a problem, but as Mike C says, be sure to be very specific about what you want and verify that you can return/exchange the item.
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They have excellent phone customer service. If you know what you want, they can easily find it if they have it, if you don't know what you want, someone will try and help you and you can ship the item back if it is not to your liking. Best bet would be to know exactly what you want though. They do charge and ships all the time. I am sure at least half of their clients don't reside in NYC. They won't refuse your money, that's for sure. You could also call the spanking new Dior Homme boutique on 57th here in NYC and they would do a similar process (not sure if they are as flexible with returns as Barneys). They would have the entire collection. The mens selection at the NYC store is superb
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They also sell Dior Homme at the Saks Fifth Avenue in NY. Not sure about Saks stores.
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