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for the most part, the alt app shirts i own are shorter/slimmer than my aa ones
so you may be good in getting a medium in alt and they should fit you good in length and slimness
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thats what im thinking if im a medium for one item/style from alt app would i be medium for everything else? cause w/ american app some shit you are a small but others u are a medium i just wanna make my purchase as painless as possible
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i wear mediums in all the pieces i own
i've found their sizing to be a lot more consistent than those of aa from piece to piece
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a small v-neck from american app is too small for u right?
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Originally Posted by james nicolas View Post

James, I am leaning to a sz small for all the pieces I will be ordering as I'm about 5'8", 150 lbs., average build, with a 36" chest. Does that compare to your profile at all? I normally take a small in most brands with the exception of European brands like Diesel or Energie where I am a medium (sometimes large). Thanks for any input!
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I'd like to order 4-5 things whenever you do your next round. Money will be awaiting unless I decide to go with the goon wholesaler who wants about an extra 6-7$ per shirt over your prices. Do you want me to send you the list of what I want now, or wait until closer to your 11/7 date?

Let me know man.
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instead of having a conversation in this thread
i sent a pm to those who asked questions

also, all orders got sent out today from round 3
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i will be putting in an order tonight for someone who's items are down to 10 in-stock
if anyone wants some items that are in-stock
check here:
and can pay by tonight
pm me asap
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I received my order yesterday, and I’m very satisfied with the whole transaction. Thanks James
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I am really confused about the 'specs' sheet listed on the other page, it loks like those measurements say an XL is only 17" across the chest??? that cant be right, am I reading it worng?
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i don't understand those charts either
there's like 3 measurements for chest
i'm just guessing it's the "chest 1'' B" making them about 20.25/20.25/22.5 pit to pit
they're meant to fit pretty slim

also, if anyone else wants in, i'll be placing an order later tonight
just pm me
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Did you already put in the order? I have my subscription set to message me once a day, and I just received it.. Let me know, AIM- islangfiber. I'd like to buy shit tonight if possible.
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sorry i just put in the order

you'll have to wait until the 7th

i'll send you a pm when i open it up for orders
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i am now accepting orders for the next run

the order will be placed on November 7th
so you have from now until the 6th to get an order in and pay an invoice

you should get items from this order around November 14-17

to check items availability go to

also, this will be the first run that the aa1970 Eco-Heather Zip Hoodie and aa1932 The Mr. Rogers Eco-Vertigrain Cardigan will be available so i'd suggest you jump on it (they come in-stock on 11/3)

lastly, if you send me an order, please include your location (for shipping purposes, USA or other) and your e-mail if you'd like me to send you an invoice

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