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Hugo Boss Polo Shirts

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I am considering buying some of the Hugo Boss polos that are on Ebay. Has anyone dealt with any of the major sellers of these shirts? Is the quality good, or should I buy another brand?
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I have two, a pink and a green. I think the quality is good - I like the fabric. It's a soft pique. The fit is kind of short, so good if you will be leaving them untucked.
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I ordered one of the pique polo shirts and it shipped to my house two days ago. I am suspect of its authenticity though. First off, when I looked to find out where it is made, it is not listed anywhere. Upon further inspection, towards the bottom of the shirt where the care instructions are, it seems that there was another tag that might have been cut off. There are remnants of something there. Also, this new shirt that was sealed in the bag (I know, it easily could have been resealed) had a little stain on the front. Anyway, before I contact this seller or give him negative feedback, I have a question for someone that owns one of these shirts: Where on the shirt does it say where it is made?
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The origin of all Hugo Boss shirts are either listed in the tag that is centered below the collar or on a smaller tag off to the right (which also contains the size). At least I've never seen a genuine HB shirt that didn't follow this pattern. As a tip for the future: * American Boss is generally made in the USA * Canada, Middle East and Europe is generally made somewhere in Europe * Boss sold in Australia is usually made in Australia. That's why you often see differences in fabric and cut between a Boss suit sold in Canada and one in the U.S.
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The seller swears that the shirt is authentic, now she is just saying that the shirt was used. This is interesting, because it was listed as a NWT sale that was sealed in a Hugo Boss bag. Stay away from "Tullyfields" if you can.
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You should post your experience up at;t=5690
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I'd go with RLPL during their sale, their polos are usually $60 or so when on sale.
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My Boss polos (authentic) have a black "Made in Thailand" label next to the black Boss label on the neck. Hope this helps.
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