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Bump for great buttons. Can't wait to get the shirts made up!
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Leaving for a trip, last call for orders and payments, otherwise I won't be able to ship them till later in mid- or end-October.
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Back from trip, sale re-opens. Shipping first order early next week.
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Someone took out a big order. Just a few more buttons left. Final call before another long wait.
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Still waiting for a reply on both PM's I've sent in the past 10 days...

Edit: order placed
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Nightwatch: sent few days ago, should have it soon.

To all: just settling back home and ready to take orders. Keep 'em coming!
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I'd like three shirts worth. PM sent.
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I received mine promptly. Very nice buttons indeed.
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Still hoping to hear back. I hope I can get some of these.

As I speak, my grandmother is making me two dress shirts from a pattern I picked out at a fabric store in LA. I spent more time going over fabric for these two, because the last shirt she made for me, I chose very lame(cheap looking) fabric because I liked the pattern. Maybe I should post a few pics of that one. It has thin abalone buttons on a dark blue stripe. If I could do it over again, I would have chosen a nice oxford cloth, it looks like something to wear leisurely around the house. It has small lapels and no collar buttons, but I like it anyway.

I will definitely post some pics of the two new custom shirts when they're done ( probably around the first of the year) if I can get some of these awesome buttons put on. I picked out two nice shades of blue cloth.
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These are great buttons! The first set came quickly, and now I'm ordering some more.
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I got a set today. I don't have much experience in buttons but these are definitly the best thick MOP I have seen.
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TLmusic - your second set actually went out before I got your Paypal payment. I must have been in the post office when you sent it in, 'cos I got home and saw the email!

Enjoy 'em!
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Those are definitely the best of the best! I live in Italy, and the better mercerie (fabric and thread shops) offer similar buttons which they call "curvè madre perla". The best are the thicker ones, and the finishing is usually immaculate as are yours.

Lots of middle range Italian shirtmakers use plastic buttons on their shirts, and oftentimes insist that they are mother of pearl. I used to "educate" them that the best way to tell oher than a visual inspection was to place the back of your hands upon the button's surface... If it is warm, it is plastic, if it's cool, then it's mother of pearl. You can alsot tap the button on a front tooth (yours!); there's a big difference in the vibrations of the two buttons.

If the clerk is still insisting, take a pin, heat the tip with a lighter, and touch the underside of the button. It will stick into the button, and produce a slight plume of smoke and the distinctive plastic odor!

The MOP buttons can make a mediocre shirt shine.
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I totally agree with the last sentence.

All the orders are shipped out; quite a few of you sent PM but still haven't paid.
The last day of shipping for 2008 is December 22nd as I am leaving for vacations.

Starting January 2009, there will be a slight price increase from the current $1.70 per button. When I come back in January and receive the new stock I will post the new price. If you'd like to take advantage of the remaining stock at $1.70 please let me know NOW.
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I might add that these thick MOP buttons stand up extremely well to washing machine cycles. When my shirts are worn out, I oftentimes cut off the buttons and have them sewn on "lesser shirts" that unfortunately come with plastic buttons.
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