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I was relieved to see Vincent throw the tie in the trunk to keep the corpse company.
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I remember being awestricken with how cool he looked in that movie. I like his suit, although it is a bit odd in certain respects. It's not too far from the current Helmut Lang designs. for an example (although its one season old)
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The Conduit cut was very spare in the arms and legs-- unlike the Collateral suit, which definitely has loose arms and legs. By the way, I don't believe Cruise carried anything on the ankle. His H&K USPF 45 ACP (a big gun, by the way, on a relatively small guy) was in a strong side hip holster, with a double magazine pouch on his left hip. The gun in the jazz club scene is an integrally suppressed Ruger Mk II 22LR with an 8-inch barrel, and would probably just have been stuffed in his waistband. The Smith 5906 9mm he carries in the photo whose link I posted is taken from the dead guard at the Federal building. He also has a folding knife in the Benchmade pattern, used to cut Jamie Foxx's zipties off.
I have that exact gun (H&K USPF 45) Did it get lost in the car crash? I don't remember exactly. Wasn't he holding it during the crash?
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Duveen, In the second picture you post, of Cruise standing and reading, you call attention to the suit's "balance." I have never heard this term applied to a suit before. I assume what you mean is that the distance from Tom's rear end to the bottom of the skirt of the coat in the back is approximately the same as the distance from Tom's crotch to the bottom of the coat in the front. Is there a protocol for this that identifies a well-fitted jacket? Would Flusser, say, call the coat of Tom's suit well-fitted or would he observe that the back is hannginf too far off the shoulder blades and advise him to see a tailor to have the lower back taken in to conform more closely to the body? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Modsquad, I am not a tailor, but I'll do my best to describe "balance" through a quote from a random tailor's website: "A well-fitted suit is clearly recognisable: a perfect fit to the neck and shoulders, the back-bone and hip - a good overall balance." To me, balance is visible from the side in terms of how a suit hangs from the shoulders, the relationship between the front and back and how well it fits the torso. I'd argue that Cruise's suit is not exceptional in its balance per the Univision picture. That said, on looking a second time I can't say I am sure that the suit is buttoned. If it were open, the fit would obviously be VERY loose in the photo, but potentially better once buttoned. I would definitely defer to our master tailors (where is Mr. Logsdail when you need him? Mr. Beaman?) to do a better job of describing balance. EDIT 1: Here's a quote from G. Bruce Boyer on the basted fitting of a custom suit: The emphasis should be on proportion and a balanced torso shape in the coat. Click here to see the original Cigar Aficionado article. EDIT 2: From the Kilgour website: "Balance : Adjustment of back and front lengths of a jacket to harmonise with the posture of a particular figure. Balance is very difficult to achieve in ready to wear clothing. Poor balance is often reflected in the jacket collar standing off the customer's neck.". Click here for the link.
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Closest one I found online if you're desperately looking for it.
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Right on time.
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It's been a while since the OP logged in:

Last Activity: December 31st, 1969 07:00 PM
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Since we're resurrecting dead posts... I had a conversation with a cinema costumer/designer about the suit a month or two ago. She mentioned that TC had to have 30+ of those suits made - because they were damaged in so many scenes. In fact, the scene where he draws his gun from his waistband required a special reinforced pant - that could hold up the holster without a belt. Throughout the film the suits were designed with loose spots or reinforcement to tolerate the action sequences.
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Originally Posted by justlurkingthanks View Post
I hope that wasn't the tailor who chased me down the streets of Kowloon demanding that he make me a suit.

Only one? Lucky fellow there. I got about three per block...
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Originally Posted by bmulford View Post
Since we're resurrecting dead posts...

I had a conversation with a cinema costumer/designer about the suit a month or two ago. She mentioned that TC had to have 30+ of those suits made - because they were damaged in so many scenes.

Wow, I thought those people were impossible to speak to just because they lived in a different world. (Hollyworld)

Oh well, I don't want the same "exact" suit- just one that pays good homage to it. I decided to post that since at first glance it is pretty close. Is there just a suit forum? In this one it seems mixed but mixture is nice.
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one of the MTM companies (based in nepal or some crazy place), whose name I forget offers movie replica clothes. They sell a suit like this, does anyone know what I'm talking about? edit: idk about this place or whatever, and it seems cheesy to order a suit replicated from a movie character, but whatever
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I'd guess you're talking about Magnoli Clothiers.

I believe they used to have a Collateral suit but I'm not seeing it now. It's either no longer available or they changed the name.

EDIT - I forgot about Baron. I think that's where I'd seen the Tom Cruise suit.
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