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Hair Care

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May be slightly off the beaten path in this forum but here goes: What if any hair care products people can recommend if one wants shine, hold and nourishment for one's scalp (i.e., something that wont dry your hair and scalp) Many thanks for your suggestions in advance
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Sounds like you want some pomade. American Crew makes good products, though I've never used their (or any) pomade. You should check one of the other forums, as there is a forum specifically for personal care or some such. Dan
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In addition to the pomade, American Crew also makes a product called Texture Creme. I like the pomade when my hair is pretty short and I use the creme when it grows out a bit. Bradford
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I used Aveda's Anti-Humectant Pomade in the summer. I wouldn't dare walk out of the house without a good amount of it in my hair.
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