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High street suits - working buttonholes.

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English highstreet store Next are selling 'luxury' suits with working buttonholes and half-canvassed construction. It's the sort of chainstore that's used by young men and women, including teenagers, to get 'fashionable' clothes and off-the-rack suits for their first 'proper job' (or weddings/funerals). Thought it was an interesting development.
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prices are amazing - never heard of this place. You can't buy a today's man suit for that. what's the quality?
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What's the catch...?
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Wow - I always considered Next to be sort of The Gap or Express Men of British fashion. I guess I'm not surprised, it seems that the British have always found suits to be more appropriate than us Yanks. I remember in the mid to late 80's being amazed at how easily you could find decent quality wool suits at a reasonable price at Debenhams and Marks and Spencer - and how much better dressed the daily commuters were in London as opposed to most American cities. I suppose it's no surprise that Next has moved in that direction now. What's next, a Boots version of Kiehls products? Bradford
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What's the catch...?
No overseas orders is one catch, at least for the non-Brits among us
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I would guess that the fabric feels like a plastic bag. Next frequently uses inferior material in their clothes, as do many high-street retailers, and the construction always looks a bit dodgy. I would say they are closer to Express than the Gap, although the Gap doesn't always shine in construction.
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I spotted this developement in my good lady's Next catalogue recently. I tried to examine one of the suits in a rather large Next store, but they did not seem to have any, and the staff knew, as always, nothing about them.
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Marks and Spencer introduced their "Sartorial Limited Edition" range of suits last year with similar features - but at a higher price (350 GBP for the whole suit).  Selective availability only though (Marble Arch, Moorgate...), and it looks like you can't even get it online. I picked one up to try out since their suits are usually a good fit for me and, while I'm no expert, it definitely feels much nicer to wear than their usual offerings.  Button stance is a bit low for my liking though, but otherwise the suit's okay and I'll happily wear it to work.
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I spotted some nice looking M&S suits at an outlet centre recently, which I noticed had, at a cursery glance, edge stiching. I think they were around £140. I now am wondering if they were overstock from their top line as described, I may have missed out on a good deal.
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Proviso: I don't know much about suits. The next suits don't feel very nice. There doesn't seem to be much of a range, either. I checked in their Oxford St. and Marble Arch stores. The M&S suits do feel nicer than their regular stuff, but £350 seems steep. Perhaps that's brand snobbery on my part though. The suits I saw were in their Marble Arch shop. Nonk, Where's the outlet shop? Tks. Just up from from Allders, also in Marble Arch, is a shop selling 100% wool three piece suits for £75. THey weren't remarkable, but I was tempted to buy one - until I realised they jackets had five buttons. I then noticed the store was full of the kind of glimmery tat that only Bollywood Star wannabes and African cab drivers would wear.
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I just bought a RL Polo cordoroy jacket for $130 (list $200) with working buttonholes. Seems to be getting more and more common.
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1Dgaf The outlet centre was "Junction One", Antrim, Northern Ireland, although they are springing up all over the UK. I am sure there are a few in your area. This one was opened in a flurry of hype, but it is not up to much really, although the M&S outlet is fairy good for those that like that sort of thing, and there is a shoe shop that sells some Grensons and Loakes. I just have a quick look at the shoes and then read the paper in relative peace and quiet over a slice of carrot cake and a coffee in the Paul Rankin cafe, as the hordes are all crammed into the inferior Starbucks. I wll have a better look at the suits on my next visit.
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I'll keep an eye open for the store. Thanks for the info.
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There's really no reason why working button holes ought to be particularly expensive on RTW. They put working button holes on the front of them after all. The problem with them is that if you need to have the sleeves shortened (a very likely possibility) working button holes can very much complicate matters.
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