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Barbera blazer or just half of a suit?

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I guess I could look at this item three ways: 1. It has patch pockets and adding metal buttons will make it a perfect blazer; or, 2. The fabric just doesn't look like a casual blazer - it looks like a suit; or, 3. The seller is telling you it's part of a suit. If you have to ask the forum, it's not right. If you want still another blazer, buy one. Your opinions, please. Yes, there have been prior posts on this subject, but not on this item:Barbera blazer or maybe suit top
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...it would make a fine blazer.  Go for it.
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Agree on all counts. Even if it was part of a suit, you could easily add the metal buttons you want to make it a blazer.
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It's a blazer -- I saw this piece at Filene's Basement BTW.
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Excellent-looking blazer. Do swap the buttons for metal ones, though.
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Definitely a blazer. And probably originally sold that way too, I would guess they misread the tags or it was mis-tagged. I would leave it just as it is, looks better to me w/out the brass buttons...
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I would never have imagined putting metal buttons on that nice blazer.
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I just suggested switching the buttons because I have a similar (but very inferior) blazer, which I don't wear as much nowadays. If I cared enough, I'd swap the buttons for metal--but polished silver, a la the Gucci/Paul Smith ones from several seasons ago. Figured brass doesn't do it for me.
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Another clue is the edge stitching on the lapels. Notice that the stitches are a centimeter or more from the edge of the lapel. That gives the coat a more casual look. It's a detail common on Italian odd jackets. I vote odd jacket as well.
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I thought you had your heart set on adding metal buttons. I personally wouldn't do it, since I think the horn buttons (or whatever you go with) allow the jacket to be more flexible in its use. I also just prefer the understated look of horn buttons, especially on a well made jacket.
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