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ALL cashmere

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Just a fun, weird, quick post. I was trying to see if I could dress in all cashmere, everything, the only thing I couldn't (and don't know if I want to) find, is underwear, so I'm freeballin' it. I found a $1500 Bobby Jones 100% cashmere sweatsuit on Ebay, the seller listed it twice with no bids for $300, so I emailed him and told him I'd give him $175 for it, including shipping, he bit. It is a very light brown, almost beige, Taupe, I think it is called. I have seen it in some obscure golf store online for $1500, so I know it is true. A pair of Donna Karan black cashmere socks, a Pringle cashmere sweatshirt, an Armani grey cashmere hat, a pair of black cashmere gloves, from England somewhere I forget, but I got them at a cashmere store on Newbury Street, cool place, only sells cashmere, but I digress, I am waiting for a pair of Loro Piana cashmere slippers from Ebay or a pair of Malo cashmere slippers from same. Awfully warm, def. not for summer.
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Hedonism 101?
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What's this? No cashmere from Trillion? Jon.
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