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Alan Flusser label query

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Dear Forumites: I just got a sport jacket with an Alan Flusser label like none I have previously seen. What I've commonly seen is: The second name below the first and in much larger letters, with the SS of Flusser rather stylized & sinuous; and A label that places between his first and second name a graphic of a bowler, cane and gloves. My label is in gray on a purple ground, and simply says ALAN FLUSSER ESQ. with one word on top of the other. The font the sort of thing you'd see on a bank note -- engraved-looking, financial, solid. Only other labels say it is union made in the USA and made of 100% wool. The jacket is a DB in red windowpane on gray-black ground. Feels fully canvassed. Button holes do not work. No note on sizing, if RTW, or for whom it was made, if bespoke. The styling is classic and therefore hard to date. I can post a pic of the label later if this would help. Thanks.
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Flusser is producing a line for SteinMart - it could be a jacket from that line. I'll try and stop and check out the logo if I get a chance. Bradford
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I know his products fairly well. Try to post a picture. When Flusser started he was a RTW maker. He used the label with the bowler hat. I have one or two ties of that era which state Alan Flusser, Esq., without the bowler. My guess is that you have a sportscoat from the 1980's before he opened his shop on E. 52nd Street. Another clue is the label on the inside pocket. Good luck.
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Ah, Flusser. Surely he should know that one never uses the term esquire regarding oneself.
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Thank you all for your aid. Will try to post a pic of the label in next day or so. yrs mack11211
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Dear folks: Here is a pic of the label: Is it early RTW, or something else?
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It's RTW from the early to mid 1980's.
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Thanks much. Jacket still looks current, due to his interp of the classic cut. Has his cut really changed much in the last 20 years?
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I would say that Flusser's cut has been constant through the years although he has had various manufacturers make his suits. I cannot comment on the level of manufacture. My guess is that it was made in Brooklyn by the late Hertling factory.
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He had a period in the 1970s when he made some really bizarre things. I have a book with some examples, I'll try to get a scan. Since formulating his current paradigm (from Clothes & The Man on) he has remained pretty constant to it, though.
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