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Charles tyrwhitt, who are they?

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Hello all. In the latest issue of Forbes there was a insert with a ad for Charles Tyrwhitt shirts, ties, and cufflinks. It showed about 14 or so of their shirt/tie combinations and the prices (they were all from $40-65 at the 25% sale price). The shirt and tie patterns were lovely in my opinion, and they had some nice cufflinks as well. Just asking, has anyone heard of these guys because they are new to me. I checked their website and they seem to be based in London mostly with one store in New York. Just wondering if you think their "Handmade ties" are worth $60 (sale price), because I don't know the quality of their products. Thanks for your help.
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Charles Trywhitt is a reputable maker of decent shirts.  You could certainly find better, but so too could you find worse.    Try a search on this and Andy's site for "Trywhitt" and I'm confident that you'll find sufficient information to answer all of your questions.
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I have a couple of their shirts that I like quite well. Try their clearance section on their website where you can usually find great deals.
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I just made my first purchase from them recently.  I ordered a red silkscreen tie (one of their lower tier models) and was very pleased with the quality.  I paid only $24 and had a very nice liner.  I will definitely be ordering more ties from them. By the way, if you scroll down a few pages or do a "search" on this board, you'll see a thread labeled "Charles Tyrwhitt 50% off".  Go there and click that link and that will take you to their site and will get you 50% off, instead of 25%.
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I second Rayk: You could do better, but on sale (and they are always on sale) they are a decent deal. I wouldn't recomend their cheaper standard poplin shirts though. Nothing special there. I have several Sea Island cotton shirts and links from them. What's nice, as you alluded to, is the combinations they offer. Their catalouge is fun to look at because it gives you all kinds of ideas for putting shirts, ties and links together. They also have these new 170s Sea Island shirts that look wonderful.
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