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Jean Repair

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Hello everyone. Im new to the forum and I must say this is a very resourceful site. Plus, everyone seems so unpretentious, unlike other fashion forums.Anyway, my problem is that there has been some wear on the back pockets to my jeans. Theres a noticable hole and Im afraid its just going to get bigger. Is there any way of fixing this problem? Also, anyone know where I can fix it in NYC? Thanks a lot.
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Any tailor can patch that up, and usually they do a good job of hiding the patch. Go to your local tailor and ask them, and they can probably explain the repair to you.
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A few questions: 1) How big is the hole? 2) Is the material around the hole threadbare? 3) DO you want the jeans to look as if the hole never existed? OR do you want a DIY, patched look? In any case, thee Denim Doctors in LA (3rd Street) are probably the best resource I can think of. Phone them, and at very least they will tell you your options. There is also a similar shop in NYC. I don't remember the name off hand, but will try to remember to look it up tonight and post the name tomorrow.
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I've used the Denim Doctor myself. They do an excellent job, but they're expensive. It's appropriate to use them for expensive, or collectible vintage jeans. For a newer pair of jeans, an good tailor can do the job. And the truth is, the job done by regular tailors looks a lot like the work I got done at Denim Doctor. The basic idea is to get a piece of denim in a similar color/fade to the denim around your hole, and to sew the patch in with a machine - lots of thread (thread also in matching color. It never looks absolutely perfect, but it looks a lot better than it sounds. Rob
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Any talented tailor can put in an "invisible patch" into a threadbare area or hole in denim. Mine even blended the thread he used to match the wear patterns on my jeans. It's not an expensive procedure either, if I remember correctly the whole thing was less than $15. Hope this helps. Aaron
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Couldn't find the name. Anyway, the previous posters are correct. The tailor will using surge a piece of similarly colored denim onto the hole with similar colored, soft thread. Why don't you just do it yourself if the denim is not too soft. Just sew a patch on by hand while you're watching tv. People pay good money to have the DIY look. You could actually DIY it (no extra cost&#33
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Maybe this is not your cup of tea but sometimes I will put a patch behind the hole in jeans. That way they are repaired but they still have that frayed look. P.S. consider putting your wallet in the front pocket.
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thanks for the advice everyone. Very helpful.
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