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express sale

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I was just at a local mall and Express was having a huge end of season sale, pretty much everything from the winter line was either 9.99 or 19.99. I think I heard, on this site maybe, that Loro Piana makes the cashmere sweaters for them, I bought one at the begining of the winter for $128 and just bought the same one different color for $19.99. got some cool flat front brown herringbone khaki's for 9.99, 3 more cashmere sweaters of varying colors and styles and a rabbit fur ear flapped grey and navy hat for 9.99 too. really decent stuff for very cheap. I know the quality isn't great, I have some high end pieces too, but for the price, how can you go wrong ? don't know how long it will last, but imagine if Louis' had the same type of sale? I wouldn't mind a nice Belvest cashmere sportcoat for $49.99 . ya, keep dreamin',I know...
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AFAIK LP does not make the Express sweaters, although they do make the ones for J Crew. I didn't see any cashmere sweaters for $19.99 (or any of the cashmere crewneck sweaters at any price at the four express stores I visited in SoCal, guess they're gone) I did pick a couple up late last year for $45-50 (60% off) Very nice sweaters, comparable to the J Crew LP sweaters.
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I guess I lucked out and got there as soon as they started, because they had boxes and boxes of cashmere,as well as italian merino wool and cashmere silk blends, then they had the cotton and others too, I knew L.P. made sweaters for one of those stores, they we're still great for 19.99 though.i especially liked the rabbit fur hat with the ear flaps, not very practical, but when it is really cold out I only care about warmth,not looks. i think polo.com has a similar hat for $250. bye now...
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I picked up a nice bengal stripe (black with blue stripes) shirt tonight, pretty slick looking I think for 66% off, express is offering some much higher quality stuff lately.
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I'll definitely be stopping by after class in the morning. I like a lot of the stuff Express has but on a college kid budget, I gotta hit up the sales most of the time.
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