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Differential Equations Intro to Electrical Engineering Numerical Computing Thermodynamics / Fluids Intro to Machines and Mechanism Design Ballroom Dancing
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Interning.....won't be back to class till the winter quarter
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Originally Posted by livelyzombie View Post
How did that sneak in there?

all upper division students have to take a GE cluster of 9 units and they have all these areas to pick from and i chose holistic health
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Spanish Oral Communication (Why do native speakers have to speak so fast?)
Macroeconomics (My professor wears bowties and works for the Fed. I want to become his apprentice)
Modern Political Thought (Who'd have thought that I wouldn't give a damn about Locke?)
The Anthropology of Youth and Popular Culture (applied youth sociology)
The Study of Cities and Metropolitan America (Urban Studies - Major!)
Applied Music Lessons (gotta love the saxophone)

I do't suppose there are any other Urban Studies majors lurking around?
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Anatomy and Physiology 1 Anatomy and Physiology 2 Introduction to Human Nutrition Seminar
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Originally Posted by shellshock View Post
i live in some asian people's house. it is okay cause its the upstairs which is like a studio w/ private bathroom.
the people in the garage unit are filthy.

i am lacking a heater and friends.

You have lots of e-friends.
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adversity04 ? yo how many jumps do you have? I just reached my 100.. as for classes Advanced VLSI Digital System Testing Low Noise Electronics Integrated Optics... fun fun fun.
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Aviation Legislation Legal ENvironment of Business Air Transportation Human Resource Management Intro to Computers (most bs class ever)
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Federal Income Taxation of Individuals
Real Estate Transactions
Lawyer Malpractice
International Business Transactions
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Biochemistry II
Pathophysiology II
Pharmaceutics I
Integrated Sequence
Community Outreach

My life is over...
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some bullshit class on educational reading instruction some bullshit class on technology in the classroom some bullshit class on teaching methods some bullshit class on teaching practicum some bullshit class on classroom management some bullshit internship at a local high school for 3-4 hours a day plus work 15 hours a week fuck
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Nearly done my MBA, down to a few electives Structuring Real Property Transactions Real Property Finance
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Distributed and Net Centric Computing
Complex Variables
Artificial Intelligence

Last semester until I graduate in Computer Engineering.
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Seminar course on Kant

Intro. to symbolic logic

Modern philosophy

Qualifying exam for the MA degree
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Latin II Modern European History Algebra II/College Algebra/Trig/Analytical Geometry British Lit Chem Symphony Orchestra Ah, the joys of sophomore year....
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