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Anyone know anything about these shoes? I saw a pair I liked at Sky Valet in DC for about 340
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Saw a lightly worn pair in a thrift shop last week. Fairly nice shoes. I'd compare them to Gravati. However, that was only one pair, so I'll have to see more of them before I can judge the whole line.
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I saw those in Sky Valet too. Very nice designs. Goodyear welt. The only thing I noticed they didn't have was a channelled sole -- no big deal. I'm glad you asked the question here as I was wondering the same thing -- I've never heard of Yanko at all.
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If I remember correctly, Yanko is a mid-range Spanish make. I first came across them ten or more years ago in the Isetan department stores in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore -- classic designs, but not particularly distinguished materials or construction. They might have improved since, or the US line might be a higher grade, but I can't imagine paying US$340 for the ones I saw.
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Austin Reed store in London has just begun to offer a Made to Order service for Yanko shoes. You select style, size and width (the width thing is important, English shoes usually do not offer different widths), leather and outer sole. You have the choice of a number of basic designs, maybe 6 or 8. The samples I have seen, look very well made and are pleasant shoes all-round (Goodyear welted). Admittedly they are not to Edward Green's standards and do not offer their choice of different styles. But at GBP 245 (half the cost of an EG special order) the Yanko MTO are surely worth consideration.
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