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Shoe making book

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Awhile ago someone posted a link to Amazon for a shoe making book. I couldn't find the post and was wondering if someone could post the link again.
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thats the one thanks a lot
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I don't suppose anyone is interested in this volume in French....My parents gave me the French version for Christmas, not knowing that I have the English lanaguage edition already. Bic
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jerrysfriend has a book on the history of fine shoemaking that is a very interesting read, pm him and i am quite sure he will refer the title, it looks back on all of the grea shoemakers like lobb, eg, and the history of the styling etc., i found it quite well written abd a fun flash into the past
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Wow, I would love to get a copy of that book. Do you know the title and/or author?
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I will ask him tonight at dinner and try to post the title or ask him to.
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Any word from Ken on the title or author of this book?
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We talked about it last night, and we forgot to write the name down. I will email him this morning and ask him and pass it on as soon as I hear back.
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New copies of the Vass book can be had from Daedalus for $7. I've ordered from them before and they're reliable.
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Links provided by Mr. Pollock for an unbelievable book about the history of some of the better shoes from around the world.;st=0 Very good reads for the history buffs looking for more information.
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These are links to Roetzel's book.  Is this what you had in mind when you mentioned a shoe book earlier?
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It may be, I only know the book from the cover, Ken brought it in for me to read and I found it fascinating, especially the look back through the ages of the inseption of the shoes from the victorian ages etc.
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No, that' doesn't sound like Roetzel's book, which is what you linked. Must be something else. Ken, care to weigh in here? If there is a shoemaking book such as nightowl6261a has described, I would love to know the title and/or author so that I can search the used book websites for it. (I assume that whatever it is, it is out of print.)
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