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I came across the website HeightmaxIt says if you're between the ages of 12-25 (which I am)....Then it's possible to grow a couple of inches within a year. Has anyone tried this? I'm always skeptical to these sort of infomercial type products, but it would seem like a great thing if it actually works.[
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No - I would say this is most likely a scam. The website never gives you any real indication of what is included in the product or any valid scientific information. The only way to change your height is to have a doctor prescribe human growth hormone - "Growth Hormone (GH) is the master hormone, because it is released by the master gland--the anterior pituitary gland. While GH is not necessary or critical to one's survival, it seems to play an important evolutionary role in human development. During puberty, GH levels dictate a person's height and bone size. After puberty, GH continues to regulate the body's metabolism" There are studies showing that certain amino acids can help release more human growth hormone in the body, things like: "L-Glutamine\tGlutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our body and is one of the protein building blocks. Studies show Glutamine increases protein synthesis, increases nitrogen retention, decreases muscle breakdown, and enhances immune function. L-Ornithine\tOrnithine aids with nitrogen metabolism and it is a stimulant for growth hormone release. It is also helpful in building the immune system, promoting healing, and supporting liver regeneration. L-Arginine\tThis amino acid is necessary for normal functioning of thr pituitary gland. Together with ornithine and other neuro chemicals, arginine is required for the synthesis and release of HGH. L-Lysine\tLysine plays an important role in the production of hormones, antibodies, and enzymes. It is also important for the repair of damaged tissue. L-Taurine\tTaurine is the second most abundant amino acid in the muscle amino acid pool. Taurine has cell volume effects similar to creatine and may result in a higher rate of protein synthesis. Taurine also enhances glucose and amino acid transport to the muscle cells. BCAA\tBrach Chain Amino Acids are the most rapidly absorbed amino acids. BCAA's are responsible for energy and muscle production and growth." However, most products that claim to boost hgh production in the body come with the following warning, "HGH should not be administered to persons who have not completed their long bone growth i.e.; children or adolescents, without first consulting a health care professional familiar with HGH therapy. In general, HGH supplementation is reserved for individuals over age 20" In short - I would say if you are truly concerned about your height, talk to a doctor - don't send money to a scam like this. Bradford P.S. Much of the information I quoted here is from articles on hgh at P.P.S. Sorry for the long response, at least I didn't discuss Ann Wigmore, sprouts or death metal  
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Excellent response Brad. I too ran across the same website and was curious to hear what others thought.
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Some vertically apprehensive people, or whatever they like to be called, get a treatment that consists of breaking their legs and placing them a few centimeters farther from the bone they're meant to be healed to, thereby increasing their height. I saw a special on a midget who grew to 5'10'' or something with this method. He was working a job that would otherwise have been impossible. Pretty impressive, but incredibly time consuming and painful.
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The only stuff that I saw work and is relatively risk free is growth hormone. I know doctors sometimes will prescribe GH for patients who suffer from asthma at an early age, and their growth was stunted by the asthma medication. But I don't think you should take GH for pure "cosmetic" purpose if your body is alright over the yrs.
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How similar is the GH prescribed by a doctor to the hGH you can buy for bodybuilding? I'd consider myself in the 'vertically apprehensive' category, though not painfully so. I'd like to get a few inches, 5' 10" or so. As for the surgery, it's not on my list. Yet. Tom
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HGH is generally not a great thing to go with after age 20 because it can cause growth in areas that shouldn't generally be growing, i.e. you may get strange jaw growth, and other development that isn't natural at your age. One way that people could identify athletes taking HGH is that many times they had braces because their jaw was growing unnaturally and they needed them.
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Your epiphyseal plates are closed by the end of puberty... except if you suffer from gigantism (e.g. Andre the Giant). For "only $1.96 per day," you could be pissing a mixture of extra vitamins and minerals down the toilet each day.
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