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Ebay issues - am I the only one? - Page 4

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Let's start listing alternatives and evaluations of them:

craigslist -
good: no fees, no shipping
bad: no shipping, possibility of assault or theft lolz, no bidding
conclusion - is it better than ebay? only for very specific items in my experience

setting up your own ecomm website -
good: no paypal fees, no ebay customer support BS,
bad: credit card fees, service fees, practically impossible to sell low volume, have to get your own marketing plan (probably adsense-related)
is it better than ebay? I think it is if you do this for a living or average over 2k a month somehow. Not as a hobbyist.

any more?
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^ Craigslist is great for selling electronic gadgets you no longer want although, one time I thought for sure I was going to get rolled. Turned out A-Ok.
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I also have had good experiences with craigs list. I got a freaking sweet deal on a big screen tv and a brand new laptop. People moving people strapped for cash you can get some good finds of course you have to use your better judgement(which for some peple is hard to do).
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Originally Posted by sho'nuff View Post
if you want to argue, argue right. dont make snap judgments and use absolutes. and please dont write in an infantile manner, we are discussing, dont attack others. and actually have some experience in what you attempt to write about.

From now on I promise to:

never make snap judgements

never use absolutes

never write in an infantile manner

never attack others

to actually have some experience in what I'm attempting to write about.

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Ebay is horrible, it's been building up this state for the last 4 years

- Now only paypal accepted (but some powersellers are free to accept other methods)
- Hold of funds 21 days until buyer leaves positive feedback
- Sellers cant leave negative feedback

There's too much focus on buyers safety, they already have the best safety in the world in their own creditcard, they dont need all that extra. If no sellers are around because of the new hassle, then there will be no buyers either
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