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Lucien Pellat-Finet

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Lucien Pellat-Finet has me very confused. Who is it marketed toward? I don't really understand who pays $1000 or $1200 for a sweater that says Rape Me or has a marijuana leaf on it. Maybe I feel like the people who have that money don't represent the demographic that would want the product, and those that want the product don't have the money to purchase it. Can anyone shed some light on this sartorial anomally? Dan
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It's all over NYC. Kidz are made of money here. Euro trash with their $1.30 exchange rate and trustafarians who are nocturnal fit the profile.
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It's all over LA too, with the entertainment industry and lots of younger (i.e. under 30) people with money to burn. Some retailers can't keep it in stock, and if there is anything left at sale time, Ron Herman sells out nearly immediately.
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Have you ever been to LA? I heard these things were flying off the shelves. I would imagine they sell well in NYC as well. I doubt any other markets got any of these. Besides, sweaters like this are made in very limited quantities. Like maybe 50-100 per style if even that. There are probably only 3-8 stores that carry them I'm guessing. The demographic it is geared to is 20 something rocker, stoner, skater, LA and NY types with tons of disposable income; which there are alot of.
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I'm younger myself (23), and have a predisposition to streetwear. I wouldn't buy many of the designs even at a quarter of the price. Come on, a marijuana leaf? Do you really think you're making some kind of societal or political statement? No, you just look like another sort of drone, the kind that pays 1200+ for a sweater that looks like it came from Hot Topic.
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http://www.bluefly.com/pages....6159829 often on bluefly as well, though now not much. all those print sweaters were on bluefly before x-mas.
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Packaged rebellion, that's all it is...except for those stupid enough to spend that kind of money on it. Hey, making money off morons isn't unethical. All props to Lucien Pellat-Finet for taking money from people who have more of that then taste.
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Some of those sweaters are actually quite nice, I imagine the quality is top notch as well. There was one featured in GQ last year; black with a green skull that which looked nice. BTW I doubt some of these would sell if they were at a low price point ($200 or so).
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By Suzy Menkes    International Herald Tribune ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PARIS - ''It's a Brice Marden inspiration,'' said Lucien Pellat-Finet, waving at cashmere knits with modern art patterns as he opened Monday's menswear shows. The designer, citing soaring U.S. sales, has widened his range, including ''stealth-wealth'' takes on sportswear, where a jean jacket turns out to be stone-washed suede and sweatshirts are in cotton-cashmere mix. Cotton is Pellat-Finet's new thing, with ribbed sweaters in lime and sea-blue colors. But he saved the ultimate luxury for himself: a cashmere sweater perforated like a sports jersey and striped in the colors of his summer 2001 range.
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