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What happened to my shoes?

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The following pics are of my burgundy AE Park Aves after I walked home in them during a light rain.  By the time I got home, the soles were pretty waterlogged and the uppers around the toe box were pretty wet.  I took them off, put in the shoe trees and left them to dry.  The next day, this is what they looked like: As you can see from the pics, there was a whiteish discoloration on the uppers along the sole on both the outside and the inside of the shoe.  Along the upper edge of the white is a black discoloration which can just barely be seen in the pics.  Does anyone know what that stuff is?  I've seen the blackish discoloration on a pair of my Cole Haans before after some rain and I wasn't really able to get it completely out.  I've never seen that on my better shoes but that may be because I avoid wearing them in rain or poor weather. BTW, is my wet shoe care lacking?  I understand that rain shouldn't damage a quality shoe, but my shoes never seem the same if I get stuck in the rain and they get soaked. Thanks for any help, dan
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Get some desalter, it will take care of it, if you cannot find any, call me and we can ship some to you.
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You should not put wet shoes directly into shoe trees. Stuff them with last week's sports page and let 'em dry naturally. Light rain ought not to have had the pictured effect on polished shoes. (Nice looking models, BTW&#33
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Yep, it looks like road salt. Do you live in an area that uses salt on the roads in winter? You could try licking the stain to see if it is salt. It would be best to remove the salt ASAP before it eats into the leather.
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Thanks for all the responses. I'll try some desalter and see how that works. dan
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