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Bernhard Roetzel book

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In case any members are interested in this book, which I have found hard to find and expensive (one used copy recently went for around £30 on Ebay) they should try TM Lewin, Jermyn Street. The have a large stock of new copies, which along with all their stock they are selling at half price in their sale. I got a copy last week for a very reasonable £10. A possible ebay "flipping" opportunity for someone perhaps?
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Do you recommend Roetzel's book? How does it compare to Flusser's Dressing the Man?
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It's a great book. The two books are complementary. You will not regret owning both, especially not at that price.
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Roetzel's book is great, and £10 would be a good price these days.
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Roetzel's book does not go into such depth around the history of style, the origins of specific items, or focus on widely heralded individuals in the way Flusser does. Instead it is full of recommendations for brands and manufacturers, and would be especially interesting to someone making their first trip to Savile Row or Jermyn Street, as it has write-ups on the main players. While giving it's primary focus to these locations, it does give space to a wider world view, so Italian suits, Hungarian shoes, etc. are all covered. (He does seem to be sponsored by Church's though) I found it a very enjoyable read, and certainly well worth investing £10 in to add to my collection. Perhaps more for beginners like me than the more knowledgeable members of the forum.
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I'm with Manton. It is an essential compliment to Flusser's book. My wife bought me one of the Lewin copies for Christmas this year. They are a new printing (2004) but the information is not up to date. I don't have it at hand and can't recall some of the errors, but there are a few. Still, very enjoyable.
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Well worth having. More discussion of appropriate brands (particularly if you're a traditional English gentleman-e.g. Winston Churchill's spotted bowties were from Turnbull & Asser) than in Flusser's latest. The shoe section, particularly which shoe styles work better with particular fabrics and styles, is useful but may seem too rigid for some of us. But see the black tassel loafers with a Prince of Wales check (p 189) - Kidkim2 was right. Church's apparently gave Mr. Roetzel access to its factory and its models, but Roetzel's perhaps overly grateful ranking of Church's quality as superior to Edward Green and John Lobb (page 103) would cause an uproar if posted on this forum.
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I have one of the Borders or B&N reprints.  Red, reinforced, Paperback cover.  It's a nice book to have, although a little rigid.  Like Stylestudent and Nonk point out, Church's gets a significant amount of play in the book, but this is the pre-Prada Church, and I have no experience with anything from back then. Walked by the Churchs store in D.C. a few days ago - not intentionally -  I was walking from Foggy Bottom to the Filene's and Brooks Brothers on Connecticut Avenue.  The shoes did look a little "plasticky". Edit: Corrected statement attributions
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I just passed up buying that book for $15.00 this weekend. If anyone is in the Rhinebeck, NY area there is an antique store that is selling it. So stupid.
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It was on sale on Amazon.com a couple years ago. I even gave my bespoke tailor a copy as a gift.
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Roetzel's book is not like Flusser's in the the former is actually useful.
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It was on sale on Amazon.com a couple years ago. I even gave my bespoke tailor a copy as a gift.
Strange, I gave a copy to my tailor 6-8 months ago. Lot of people, including me, reviewed the book at http://www.amazon.com/exec....1311305 If I could find another copy at a good price, I would send it to Ernest, a big Church's fan.
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Roetzel's book is not like Flusser's in the the former is actually useful.
Agreed - the Roetzel book is far better (both broader and more in depth) than anything by Flusser. I bought my copy at Barnes & Noble for $9.95 about two years ago and I have seen other copies in the bargain section from time to time.
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