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Belt on a trench coat

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Question - I just bought a new Burberry trench coat, and Im not sure how exactly I should wear the belt. Ive seen many guys tie it in the back, but Im not sure thats the way to go. Some just leave it hanging, but that's clearly not optimal either. Thus far I have belted it up conventionally, but that doesnt seem right (or practical), so now I am just wrapping it over, kinda like a robe belt. Is there a "right" way to wear this?? Thx in advance.
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Strange, I had asked this exact question recently, but I couldn't find it in a search. Anyways, the consenus was to tie it like a robe, like Bogey did in Casablanca.
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Tied is the practical way.  The only time I've ever actually buckled up is when the weather has been inclement and I'm buttoning everything the coat has to offer.  With that wool covered collar buttoned, snapped, strapped, zipped, and glued you can get pretty cozy.   A snuggly buckled belt supresses the coat above the waist and lends a very purposeful and handsome look.  I certainly wish I'd had the sense top wear mine into town today.      
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A lot of times I tuck the ends into the side pockets to get them out of the way. I would never buckle it; tie the belt like a robe as noted above.
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You get cold and wet enough and you're gonna buckle it. The problem with tied is that it won't stay tied. Surely you've noticed that.
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It's possible to tie it and have it stay. Do a simple cross-over knot (like on a bathrobe) and then repeat, but on the second knot, don't pull the end through--just make a loop. To untie pull the single end of the loop and it all comes undone. (Sorry that this description may be inadequate--trying to explain knot-tying in written language, with no visual or demonstration is really tough.)
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You described it pretty well, John. That knot is a bit bulky. When I wore it like that I felt like I had tied a bow around my middle.
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