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Official Affiliate Thread: Roden Gray

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Roden Gray carries avant-garde to mainstream styles for the modern man. Being influenced by trends in Europe, Japan and America (New York) Roden Gray hopes to outfit and inspire fashionable clients with a range of intelligent labels and designers such as Comme des Garcons, Filson, Nice Collective and Wings + Horns. Roden Gray maintains a careful mix of the known to up and coming brands, leaning toward casual separates. IT IS OFFICIAL THAT RODEN GRAY IS NOW AN AFFILIATE. ANY ORDERS DONE THROUGH STYLEFORUM. PLEASE MENTION *GRAY* WHEN ORDERING FOR THE 10% DISCOUNT ALL CLOTHING AND SHIPPING CHARGES ARE SUBJECT TO GST + PST. THANK YOU! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Christopher, Just Arrived a few days ago F/W 08 Comme des Garcons PLAY Second Shipment of Wings + Horns will be arriving shortly, but be sure to check out our first shipment. Pictures are on our website.
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Great store, very helpful staff. Welcome to SF!
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would be nice to know what specific CDG Play pieces the store will have available
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Sweet, a Vancouver affiliate
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I will upload the pics soon.

But for the Comme des Garcons we got all the polos and tshirts.
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Originally Posted by Atsui View Post
Christopher is cool guy and their shop has not been open long. They are still growing. Assuming they are a future affiliate, I think the Canadian members here will appreciate their collections. Shipping within Canada has some appeal.

Yeah, I always see people asking about shipping to Cananda, followed by when they find people don't ship there.
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They do shipley too? That's cool. I remember hearing about their geller stock, which is nice. The f/w robert geller line has a lot of cross-aesthetic appeal.
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Hi Guys,

Let's properly welcome Roden Gray to Styleforum as our first official Canadian affiliate. It is in downtown Vancouver, not all that far from CYC headquarters, and has the distinction of getting the most comprehensive Wings+Horns collections I've seen. They also carry Feiyue sneakers, Nice Collective, among other brands and I've also been told that they carry V::room, which is one of my favorite for drapey thermals, tees, and hoodies.



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Any affiliate code?
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Originally Posted by TyCooN View Post
Any affiliate code?

We are talking about that as well.


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I've visited their store. Nice place and the staff is really friendly.
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I love this store and would be there so much more if I were still living in Vancouver (permanently.)
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wings horns pics would be nice...
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