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There was an Oxxford Clothing trunk show today (and tomorrow) in Beverly Hills, CA. Great fabrics, but the rep was Mike Cohen, President and CEO of Oxxford.. The Foxx, was that who you talked to? I took the liberty of taking in a copy of this discussion (so far)and Mike was so impressed he just starting reading it all. Seems he didn't know there were websites with men's fashion talk. He was impressed. I expect to see him join us here very soon.. Watch out for a poster named The OX .. Andy
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Andy: Very Cool.
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Watch out for a poster named The OX ..
I'm sure it will be The OXX..
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talked with an Oxxford Clothes rep today, had an interesting discussion.  told me a lot about construction, stitching, collars, linings, etc. but also that the company had purchased a Brioni, Kiton, and some other suits several years ago and deconstructed them.  Interesting comments on the brioni, in particular.  He also mentioned they were visited by Anderson and Sheppard, who wanted to see the work; they told Oxxford that they were unable to put that much handwork into their suits, and that if Oxxford goes out of biz, there might never be suits made like that again. any thoughts, comments?  I think i will be getting a suit or sportcoat by oxxford soon, to give it a shot.
I've heard that Oxxford has some interesting innovations, such as the way they make their pockets and the fact that the waistband is made of one piece. If you look at their pockets, they are creased on the inside in an accordian style. So that when you put something in your pocket, the bulge goes inward rather than outward. The waistband is constructed such that weight distributes around the entire band, rather than on one side where the item in your pocket is located. Thus, it reduces the sag more than normal trousers show. Button holes are all handstitched. Lapels have a separate canvas lining which are never fused to the materials. If fused, it is glued rather than stitched in, which means excessive dry cleaning will cause it to loosen, bunch up, and stop laying across the chest in a natural, curved fashion. Neiman Marcus has always been the best place for me to purchase Oxxford. If not great selection, they've got access to anything you would want. I've never been impressed by Saks, which seems to be poorly run. Just look at the stock prices of both companies.
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As mentioned in my earlier note, I think the pockets on an Oxxford are unique, since they are accordian styled and bulge inward rather than outward, showing what's in your pockets.
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say i wanted to purchase a two button charcoal suit from oxxford. what ballpark would i be looking at? 2k? 3k?
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say i wanted to purchase a two button charcoal suit from oxxford.  what ballpark would i be looking at?  2k? 3k?
Others who are more informed than I can give you a more exact answer.  But...the custom made Oxxford three piece double breasted suit  with "all the bells and whistles"--working sleeve buttons, ticket pocket, watch pocket etc--cost 3K +.  An off the rack single breasted Oxxford must cost less--upper 2K I would reckon.  Also, the choice of fabric will drive the price up or down.  Hope this helps.
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It also depends on where you buy. An Oxxford from Neiman's or Wilkes Bashford is going to cost substantially more than it will at some other places. Carrol & Co. in Beverly Hills is a good example - their Oxxfords are pretty reasonable. It's a really great store too.
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I've seen Oxxford's at Filene's Basement on a pretty regular basis (the nice Filene's on Connecticut Ave. in Washington, D.C.). I think they are up to $899, but they have the occasional sales event which may knock up to 30% off of this price. Generally, it appears that the suits might be from cancelled Neiman-Marcus and SFA orders. Obviously, Filene's is hit or miss, and you're not going to be able to order a suit in your preferred fabric and cut, but if you're nearby a Filene's you might at least check it out. Also, the Oxxford's do make it to the Off Fifth locations at a pretty good price, and they often hang around and get marked down; I don't think most Off Fifth customers are looking to spend the money that Oxxford's cost, even marked down to say $700.
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shoefan- thanks for that info. im in richmond and regualarly go up to dc... i'll have to check out filene's. any chance you know what metro exit? Wouldn't that be great? Carrying back a garment bag with a 3k suit on public transportation. Beats the hell out of driving though.
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The Filene's is on Connecticut Avenue at approximately L Street NW. There are several metro stops nearby; the closest is Farragut North (Red Line), which has an exit on Connecticut Ave about 1 or 2 blocks south of the store; Farragut West (Orange and Blue Lines) is a little further away, say 3 or 4 blocks, but an easy walk. For geographic orientation, the store is about 1/2 way between the White House and Dupont Circle. There is also a Filene's at the Mazza Gallerie on the Red Line up near Bethesda as well as one somewhere near 14th St. NW in downtown DC, but they both have much less nice stuff than the CT Ave store. Before heading up, I would definitely call the store and ask what they have in stock in your size; you might also want to get on their mailing lists for special discount offers. (I've gotten Oxxford suits for as less than $400 there on various promotions.) If you do drive up, stop at the OFF Fifth at Potomac Mills and see what they have (drive around the perimeter and park outside the OFF Fifth store -- I wouldn't bother with any of the other stores at that mall).
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Hi all. I came by this site through Askyandyaboutclothes, and of course found a lot of the same folks. Oxxford suits are very well made indeed, but I agree with others that their styling often leaves much to be desired. I've often seen buttons on their suits that contrast with the fabric instead of blending in (black buttons on a grey suit, etc.), and their buttonholes, even if they are hand-sewn, often look ragged. Minor quibbles, I know, but if you're paying for excellence...... Hopefully, Jack Simpson will bring them around (and they've already improved over what styling they used to offer). Sometimes his need for patterns and contrasting colors can be a bit over-the-top, but I tend to like his styling. I noticed a couple of other posters had seen his work at recent trunk shows and approved.........
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Those of you who, like myself, are interested in buying an Oxxford Clothes suit may look into one of the finer mens stores that offer a card-account. I stopped into my local clothing store, M.S. McClellan, and talked with the manager about my desire to acquire more Oxxford in my wardrobe, but the price is a little daunting. He offered to put me on a 12 month, no interest account in order to do so. I've been considering a suit or possibly two sportcoats; I don't even really need to go custom (or even made to measure); I'm happy with just ordering my size in a cloth I like.
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I have seen the Oxxford sack suits at Off Fifth. They were priced at $899. From what I had seen the quality was very high but the style was quite lacking.
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The Filene's is on Connecticut Avenue at approximately L Street NW.  
Was in there on Friday.  Saw maybe a dozen Oxxford pieces but, sadly, none to fit me.
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