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I would like to see Diaz rematch Robbie Lawler or Diego Sanchez.
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Fok is correct.
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good card this weekend. TJ Grant, wow. Like the Cerrone and Thomson match up.
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Anderson Silva deserved that for being an idiot.
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Most bizarre fight and post-fight interview I've ever seen. Is Silva trolling us?
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That's his fighting style and it back fired. It's really that simple.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

That's his fighting style and it back fired. It's really that simple.


No it's not. That straight armed no hip rotation hook was not enough to knock out a high school kid let alone Silva. Go back and look at the fight, Silva didn't throw a single closed fist punch because he wanted to lose. The guy is transcendent.

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I'm not going to go so far as to call the fight a work, but Silva clearly didn't want to be there last night. His bobbing and weaving has a purpose -- to discombobulate his opponents and set up his counters. When have you ever seen him imitate the "stanky leg," stick his chin out, and not throw counters? I think if he had been caught, he would have requested the immediate rematch he was promised.
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Skip to 5:00, interview was the 4th.



For those who don't want to watch:

>What is your perfect fight?

>Chris Weidman is the best in the world! Chris Weidman is the new champion!!!

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I just watched the highlight. Maybe silva did throw the fight. Maybe silva is one fry shirt of a happy meal. Not sure what to think.
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I think it is both. He's not driven by the same narcissism and greed that keeps Mayweather going so he decided he's done with the title fights.

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The whole thing is fishy to me. Before the fight, Dana was saying that if Silva lost, he'd get an immediate rematch, and everyone was talking up Weidman. Silva even said something to the effect that he just wanted to come out of the fight uninjured. Maybe I'm cynical, but maybe the UFC had in mind setting up bigger PPV buys with a rematch? I think if Silva had wanted to win that fight, he would have.
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That would be horrible if the fight was fixed. Even with Silva being a counter striker he seemed to be doing more than fine with Weidman. I felt like if he wanted to take to Weidman he could have maybe he did really want to lose because of the pressure and commitments of holding the belt.
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UFC fighters and fashion forward looks? Rousey is number 1!

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Hey guys, sorry to derail the thread but I figured this might have something to do with MMA...fing02[1].gifX-post from the other thread.


I'm trying to decide which heavy bag/stand combo I should buy. Any suggestions? I was looking at this one but the ring that holds the chain looks really thin and flimsy. I'm afraid it will break after prolonged use.


Also, this one too.


I've read some reviews saying the spring holding the bag breaks after a few months of usage and also, the bag will likely tear after a few months of use. I'm thinking you can have parts and the bag replaced with relative ease?


Also, a member on here mentioned the Century Cornerman. Can anyone speak about the quality?



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