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Why would you be concerned by this? I just happened to come across the video while wasting time on Youtube one night and thought that a possible application within MMA seemed reasonable. As Fok mentioned, the sport will always be evolving and using a single chop to instantly defeat your opponent might be something worth looking into.

I'm concerned because when you apply reason and logic, that technique fails to go beyond the threshold of novelty.

Someone should as George Dillman if he wants to try his pressure points and no-touch KOs on Jon Jones. I have a feeling it wouldn't go so well for Dillman.

Closer to reality, I think the problem with any technique that relies on fine motor skill/tiny targets is that it is exceedingly difficult to pull those off on a resisting opponent when your own heart rate is up. Back when I trained in karate we spent quite a bit of time on those kinds of techniques and I thought they were somewhere between impractical and useless. Only the best guys could pull them off at speed, and they never used them in sparring. The general feeling was that if you are in a position to try something like a ippon-ken single knuckle strike to the carotid, you might as well use your whole fist to the side of the jaw. I must also say that I have seen plenty of people get KO'd in karate sparring, but never by a kyusho pressure point strike.
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Serious question: I've been watching these Youtube videos where a "karate expert" does a neck chop on a willing student, the student falls like a sack of bricks, and is out cold. If this move is for real why don't we see it in an MMA fight? I realize that in these videos the student just stands there while the sensei performs the chop and that in a real fight that you actually have to get past your opponents defenses to perform the maneuver, but still, for such a highly effective move you'd think you'd see it happen more often.

oldie but goodie:

my take? MMA is such an evolved type of fighting. early there was the "BJJ is unbeatable!" phase, then came sakuraba and he showed its glaring weaknesses. Then came the "american wrestling should be the basis of all (but it turns out wrestlers like mark coleman were roided up and still susceptible to getting kicked in the face. then there was a "muy thai kickboxing" phase... hell it even swung right back into a Karate Phase with Machida (who actually showed how karate can be effective in MMA).

so a guy trying to go for a pressure point must pretty much be versed in multiple type of wrestling/Judo/Jujutsu and striking disciplines to even try to get close and do a karate chop. my bet is that those pressure point masters would just get punched/kicked in the face before getting close enough. from there if the space is closed then he'll be submitted because there won't be any space to perform pressure point strikes.

things like small joint manipulation (crushing fingers with finger locks, and wrists) is usually illegal, along with eye gouging and fish hooking.

I wouldn't rule out someone using things like pressure point strikes in the future. He'll just have to be versed in the other disciplines as well.
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There is no " magical " strike. If there was everyone would be using that shit. Pressure points are cool but take percussion and usually they have to be applied to multiple spots. In MMA pr any other combat sport it's not going to happen. Anytime a new element is added into an evolving sport you will get " oh this is the best ".
It's just how it is.
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Anyone watching the UFC HW title fight tonight? I picked JDS in the first fight, and I think he wins this one too. I just don't see Cain being able to take JDS down and hold him down for the time it's going to take to do major damage.
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Im tuning in. Advantage JDS, for sure, but I dont consider him an unbeatable champ in the mold of Jones and Silva by any stretch. Cain could give him some serious trouble if he's able to get JDS on his back. Granted that's a big if.
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Cain is looking like the champ. JDS isnt going to make it through another round.
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Michael Bisping gets posterized again. Unless you're Anderson Silva, it's a very bad idea to stand with Vitor Belfort.
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looking forward to feb 2nd. tough calls on who to match silva with next. the rashad match up is an interesting one, comparatively speaking.
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I'm more looking forward towards the obligatory fight between the captains on the latest season of TUF. Jones will destroy Sonnen.
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war ubereem
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war ubereem

he's not looking nearly as cut.
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fucken reem man
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Alistair Overrated.

And what was up with Rashad's strategy?
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War Rousey!
She is a beast and very, very talented. Good for women's sports.
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