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Strikeforce officially sucks.
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I'll be watching this one. Hope Silva sticks around at 205 for a few fights.


Silva late 2nd earl3rd tko
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So are they bringing up Silva to 205 to get ready for Jones? Havent been following MMA news/blogs lately...
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Silva has repeatedly said he won't fight Jones. The fight against Bonnar is one-shot deal to save UFC 153 after the Aldo-Edgar title fight fell through.
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Awesome card! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Dana White is at the press conference now trying to sell Silva on a Jones fight. Silva would get worked and he knows it. With regard to this card, it looks like Herman will end up getting cut. Sucks too, if he actually got his shit together he'd be pretty damn good. I'd like to see Glover take on a good LHW wrestler either Davis or Evans would be a good match up for him.
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Silva-Jones is basically the only fight I could get excited about in the near term. I think a lot of semi-casual fans probably feel the same way, and Im probably done ordering PPV until it happens.

Dana needs to open the pocketbook and get it done, even if it means losing money on that particular card. I think $10,000,000 would start to the the Spider's attention.

The last Sonnen-Silva live gate grossed $7,000,000, which makes me think Silva Jones could bring in $10,000,000. Silva-Sonnen 2 had 1 million PPV buys. Assume Silva Jones could bring 1.5 million buys, thats like $60,000,000 to play with.

Dana could probably offer these guys $20,000,000 each and not come out too far in the hole. I dont think Silva is wealthy enough to turn that down.
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jones x silva or bust
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He doesn't need to fight anyone.. There will always be those oh Silva NEEDS to fight this person and that person? What happens if he fights jones and beats him? People will just find another excuse to discredit the man. As mentioned he took the fight to save the card and put on a show for the Brazlian fans.

Over on sherdog, they say oh he needs to fight weidman blah blah blah blah, what has weidman done for ppl to think he can hang with Silva? He beat moneuz ... That's it.
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Penn, unfortunately I think even semi-casual fans know that Silva would get worked. For upwards of a 10 million dollar payday (for Silva alone?) you would need a pretty insane card to go with it. The only reason Silva Sonnen II did as well as it did was because Sonnen came so close to beating Silva in Silva Sonnen I. Besides, I think the fight you're looking for is a 2009 match up between Fedor and Lesnar. Believe it or not, not enough people know Jones. I'm pretty sure if you had a list of the top 25 most recoginzed people in sports he wouldn't be on it. And I am saying that as a huge Jones fan.
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Originally Posted by Slopho View Post

Penn, unfortunately I think even semi-casual fans know that Silva is the G.O.A.T. who doesn't need a Jones fight to secure his legacy.

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AC you're absolutely right. I'm just saying that if he fought Jones he would lose. If he fought GSP he would win. He's down to fight one and not the other. Dana knows Silva would beat GSP and that's why he isn't as geeked to set it up as much as he'd like to do Silva/Jones. Dana just sees $$ signs sometimes. There are enough people in each division that you honestly don't need a "super fight".
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Unbelievable. Sonnen last fought as a LHW in 2005, but his mouth allows him to leapfrog Henderson and Machida into a title fight. Don't get me wrong; I'm rooting for him to LNP Jones for 25 minutes so I can troll Slopho until the end of time. Unfortunately, the odds of that happening are less than the odds of Jones slipping on a banana peel on the way to the Octagon and fracturing his ankle.
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In the spirit of trolling slopho I really do hope Anderson fights Bones. Anderson beats Jones IMO but the latter can murk Anderson just as bad.
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