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Originally Posted by micbain View Post
What did you guys think of Kimbo? I was honestly impressed (I had very low expectations) but I don't think he'd survive against a fighter versed in submissions.

What was with the other guys EAR? The reminded me of:

Kimbo was dead at the end of the second round. If the ref wouldn't have stopped the fight (I mean seriously the guys ear was still on just hanging by a few tendons) Kimbo would've gotten taken back down. His pure strength kept him out of a lot of trouble. I'm still a firm believer he goes against a real jujitsu type guy he'll get destroyed.
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I wanna see Kimbo vs. Lesnar. Brute Strength vs. Brute Strength. I think in that bout, Lesnar would win since I have no doubt he's in better shape than Kimbo.
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I'm not convinced Kimbo didn't tap near the end of the second. If Thompson had any more strength late in the second, it would have been nearly impossible for those elbows not to have knocked out Kimbo.
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I predict Urijah Faber will win his fight.
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Elite XC is a big freakin' joke. What a circus display. I was actually embarrassed for it, and I'm glad I recorded it to fast forward all the theatrics.

The Lawler/Smith fight was stopped inexcusably prematurely by the doctor. In trying to show the public how "safe" MMA is, they were being way too precautious. Smith was allowed 5 minutes to recover from the inadvertent eye poke. What the hell was the doctor doing coming in stopping the fight only a minute or two during Smith's time out!? Good for the fighters, I hear they both received a winning purse. The real losers were the fans (the in-house ones were a bunch of A-holes and heathens anyway - booing a rather good fight just because the fighters weren't throwing punches and kicks every single second of the fight).

The chick fight was actually pretty entertaining, although I don't believe chicks should be fighting MMA.

I didn't catch the K-Slice fight. For some reason EliteXC was scheduled as 8-10 by my cable provider, but apparently it must have gone to 11pm because the program was cut after the Smith fight, so I only recorded the first 2 hours of the circus.

In any event, a dismal organization compared to UFC (despite everyone's criticisms of the UFC). People think they could always do better than the dominant player, but I have yet to be convinced otherwise.
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I could have sworn Bas Rutten kept talking about how Kimbo was in such great shape. A guy that just lies on the canvas after winning in the third round is not in good enough shape for MMA. If someone in UFC won that late in the fight, they would have run wind sprints around the octagon while screaming their head off. Here's a wild strategy for any fighter who takes him on: take him down, tire him out, and his punches won't be nearly as dangerous.

I can't critique the fight too much because I was at a bar. That and some 6'4" schmuck decided he was going to not stand in one place and always be in my line of sight of the TV.
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Originally Posted by bkk
That and some 6'4" schmuck decided he was going to not stand in one place and always be in my line of sight of the TV.
so what did Mr. 6'4 say when you called him a restless schmuck?
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reading the play-by-play of WEC on - Faber sounded like a machine. Looking forward to seeing that one.
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Wow that's all I can say about that WEC card. That was amazing!! Definately WEC > Elite XC. Uriah Faber is like a damn 4 cylinder with a turbo upgrade. Jens kept coming though, he should change that nickname from Lil Evil to Terminator. I think he made Uriah poop in his pants a lil when he kept coming back. The entire card was good. That Torres cat is crazy as well. Great show, would've paid $45 for that glad I got it for free
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That was a great watch.

Pinoy pride for my man Mark Munoz Share the same birthplace too, that was surprising. Can't wait to see more from him.

The Maeda-Torres bout was fun to watch, like the Faber-Pulver match, both fighters looked like they were having a good time fighting each other.

Man that Faber. That dude is a machine. Pulver's got one hell of a chin, but Faber looked like he can fight 5 more rounds easily. Definitely a huge contrast of fighters from that trash Elite XC. Faber seems unbeatable.

Awesome night.
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I didn't realize Faber was popular. His gym is right next to my place in Sacramento. I've been thinking about joining his gym for a while now.
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Faber v Pulver and Torres v Maeda were both great fights, as was mentioned ad-nauseum.

In both instances, the losers of those fights impressed me as much if not more than the winners. Maeda and Pulver were so obviously outclassed in their respective matches that i thought both fights should have been more one sided, but neither fighter would give up. Pulver especially. He doesn't have the style, speed, or conditioning, but he's got a ton of heart. A TON.

I thought I saw Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago there in the third round.
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My reviews:

EliteXC, 4/10. The first two fights went by too fast to register, and the Carano fight did not make me want to watch more female MMA. The Lawler-Smith fight was an instant classic in the making along the lines of the Griffin-Bonnar fight at the end of The Ultimate Fighter 1 until the eye poke. Kimbo-Thompson was surprisingly competitive. Despite his victory, the Kimbo hype train has permanently derailed. If Thompson had any ground game at all -- we kept screaming at the television screen for him to take the mount -- he would have pounded Kimbo out. Kimbo would get whupped by every HW, every LHW, and many MWs in the UFC.

WEC, 7/10. Again, the undercard fights weren't that great, but the last two fights made the event. Torres-Maeda was a great scrap. I loved the simultaneous heel hook attempts in the second round! Faber-Pulver was a war, and would have been an instant classic if the fight was closer. I'm shocked that Pulver was able to survive the second round. Faber looks unbeatable at 145, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him move up in weight soon.
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Originally Posted by shimmyt View Post

Let the man have his 5 minutes to recover, what kind of garbage is that to stop the title fight like that. Seriously though I want to see a real fighter go against Kimbo. Hell even Frank Mir I think would destroy him.

Even Frank Mir? C'mon man. Mir has submissions out the wazoo and he is a pretty big guy on top of that.
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AC-LOL. I was screaming too! All of champs thought I was a nut. I wanted to jump into the TV and submit Kimbo myself. That was a disappointment if I ever saw one.
Between both cards its wasn't all bad. there was some great display of stamina and skill.
But a few of those fights I was like WTF!?!
Going bak to the kimbo fight. WTF was that JT is a soup can but damn it was like he wanted to lose. He could have taken mount a billion times. There was another fight I tried ( and did) to erase from my mind that the guy could have achieved mount and failed . That shit would have never happend in The UFC.
Second rate fighters with the exceptions of the given faber, pulve...etc

well this saturday is a UFC right redemption is in order.
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