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Which one shirt is better made RTW:

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Well, the header pretty much says it all: Which one is better made? H&K or Lorenzini / Lorenzini for RLPL? Both in construction and material used. As well, which one do you think is more worth the asking price? Jon.
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Borrelli is better.
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? Jon. EDIT: I am trying to compare two RTW, machine-stitched shirts that use angled split-yokes (when manufactured for RLPL). Borrelli is apple to H&K's oranges. Thus, I did not understand why it was brought up.
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My guess is that they are equally well-made, though I confess to never have looked up close at either. The difference will be in the fabrics -- I know RLPL uses a lot of very luxe fabrics (some 200s I think), and I'm not sure whether H & K gives such offerings. Also, does H & K use thick MOP? On the Ben Silver site it doesn't seem like they do? RLPL buttons are incredibly good. Tiebreaker for me would be the fit though.
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Whatever happened to banksmiranda? He always seemed to know a lot about RTW shirt construction details. Sorry I have no info on the topic.
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My H&K has a thinner, but I think appropriate, MOP button. Super thick wouldn't go with the shirt, IMNSHO. The fabric on the H&K is very nice and soft. I don't have any Borrelli so I can't make a comparison.
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Hard to say...all of the above shirts are very high quality. IMO, the differences are in the styling and fit, as opposed to construction. I don't have experience with RLPL, but I do own a H&K shirt as well as a few Lorenzini's. Lorenzini's have the thick buttons and more variation in the collar styles. H&K have unfused collars. The two shirts retail for about the same, so Lorenzini's are probably the best value, since they can be had very cheap on ebay...although there's a H&K available at the Ben Silver outlet for <$80 right now. For me, the decision comes down to whether I want an Italian or a British shirt.
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I've never purchased either H&K or Lorenzini RTW primarily due to fit--both are 24" wide through the chest (15" collar), which is simply too bulky for my frame. Fit aside, as noted by AlanC, Lorenzini uses superior fabrics for its eponymous label as well as RLPL. I also like the fact that Lorenzini/RLPL offers sport shirts in addition to dress shirts. Construction appears to be very similar, while H&K has a slightly more attractive spread collar. If buying at retail, H&K is a better deal, but when priced the same at discount, I tend to choose shirtings based on subtle patterns or colors (usually determined by fabric), and would, in all likelihood, bring home a Lorenzini.
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Definitely the Lorenzini/RLPL. It's a finer shirt.
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